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The temps are getting to where all can germinate and survive now. So this experiment has passed. So far I see it works and will work it harder next year.

My thoughts are to start those longer germinating earlier and use an insulated material to cover over night as I start up. Ya, you folks with greenhouses are already there, yet we others don't have that, so we do improvise. I do see a plan for next year as I proceed along this years plan.

It's just fun to see these grow. Then to enjoy the 'fruit' of the experience!
The main question is: Can you pull the greens and not hurt the growth?

To me the greens are so potent of flavor it's hard to resist pulling a leaf to chew on. I'm know to grab a couple for a salad topping as well.

Am I hurting growth?
The final 3 tomato seedlings went in yesterday. My peppers & cukes are just taking time to germinate. I'm excited to try the same experiment on them as well!

I have tried the 'fan' experiment before. Yes they did hardy them up a bit, yet there was still the 'stringy' action happening. I did grow lights and kept them near the window, yet never got away from that 'stringy' action. Once stringy, it seems very difficult to harden them. This is the biggest reason for the experiment. I still don't think the original 3 are ready to handle the 'real world' in force. LOL, sounds like I'm talking about my kids... I wish to see them 4-6" tall before that.

We shall see how this progress!
The first trial plants were the Tomato seedlings. They spent 1 day from sprout before transferring outside. They had shed the seed casing and 2 leaves exposed, small as they were. The two following days were full (or mostly) sun and I thought I had burned out at least two of them. All 3 have survived! We got hit with a down pour and all I did was place a wood slat over the plants so they would not be directly hit. That worked!

My issue has been over the years that growing inside too early has lead to 'stringy' weak plants and have not survived. I wanted to try something different this year. I have my pepper plants still germinating inside and look forward to trying this again with them.

Inside, they would have grown twice the size by now. Outside, they barely have grown a 1/4 the size in height, yet look stocky! I think this will work! Only time will tell for certain.

I have the lower beds running on the auto feed/drain system, now to get the upper beds going. I need to adapt my 3/8" OD lines for the drains. Could use my Wire Gromments (expensive), yet wondering if I bought some rubber grommets it would be a way to go (seems cheaper for the same seal).

So, on that thought, will 3/8" rubber grommets work or should I be looking at 5/16" and be sure they pinch/seal? I can always heat the tubing and fit it.
Love the responses

I have a system that is elevated, so most critters are non an issue. I laugh as I say my system not only do I have to bend to, yet neither do the deer.

I'll give this a go tis year and see how it plays. I will come up with a sort of rain net to protect the young's!
If I read between the lines here.. I may indeed not be a bad idea. I had not thought of rain pouring down on the seedlings. I would think a net covering, lifted above would help. I want sun warmth, yet not rains strengthen as of yet. Thank you for that thought! I think I can work that out.

It's the whole germinate indoors, grow and season the plants to survive outside I question... Yes, you get a larger plant, further along, yet.. Is it worth that effort? I'm soaking some 'seed pods' now and will start them/greminate them indoors. They will get moved once I see a few leaves to outdoors.

This is April 20th in New Hampshire. Let's see what happens.
Mainly my tomatoes/peppers as I mentioned. Are those 'strong' seedlings? You tell me, if two leaves, three leaves, etc. I don't know! What I do know is this is the latest I've ever waited to start and see temps that they 'should' (?) survive in..
Each year we start our veggie plants indoors too early.. This year I've held back a bit.. Every year we end up going to a local nursery and buy established plants. I'd really y like make ours happen..

Here in the Nor'east is still jumping in temps to start from seed outdoors. So I will start today indoors and get them going. I figure once germinated temps will be good... Thus comes the question.

Once I see a seedling (germination has happened) why can I not plant them outside? Okay, frost gone by, still plenty of water running in the system and good day temps (sun).

Plants in mind are the tomatoes, peppers mainly... lettuce, radish, green onion oh the list goes on.