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Recent posts by Cate Mawson

I didn't realize that cotton could even be grown in Canada  but I would be very willing to try
As mentioned by others, please let me know what money to send you and how to send it ... maybe e-transfer?
I'm located in eastern Ontario

Great idea. Thanks
9 months ago
#1. I would love the external thermometer and rocket oven plans (to actually get the build done!)
#2 If those options aren’t available, I would go with the skiddable structures

I have supported all of Paul’s previous kickstarters so some of the higher support levels don’t apply to me since I have already purchased them. I Imagine several others are in the same position.

Any help in getting the projects actually made, safe, efficient and functional are always appreciated.
1 year ago
Problem solved ... I now have access to PDC notes and micro documentary on hugel beds ....the email was from ""  and not the one from Kickstarter
I received the emails #10 and #11 from Kickstarter saying PDC notes were being sent, and candy, but no links, etc ... should I be logging in somewhere
What a wonderful DVD you have made – I downloaded the digital version and watched it Mon. night.
I have a few questions …
1) Re horizontal wires -- Why are there horizontal wires near the “NAP” trees? How many are there (I thought I saw 3), how far apart vertically are they spaced and what gauge of wire?
2) Re Honey locust trees (ie the “N” in “NAP”) – how is the height controlled from shading everything around it? Is the only “pruning” done by placing the wire hooks on it to make the branches go downwards, are they coppiced at all, …. ? My honey locusts are over 40 ft high in my backyard! J
3) Re planting shrubs, herbs, etc – when can you plant the supporting shrubs, etc -- is there an approx height you wait for the “NAP” trees to reach first?
4) Re “wire hook pruning” – is there an approx age or height or branch diameter when this is started?
5) How long are your tree rows? Is there any optimum length?
I am looking forward to making a food forest in the near future. Thanks so much for any answers and guidance you can provide.
5 years ago