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I thought I would put this here instead of the new thread. When I think of things, I think of batteries. Storing carbon in the soil, storing electricity for a house, carbon stored in fossil fuels, and storing nutrients/carbon in a newly planted tree are all batteries. So what is Paul trying to build? A heat storing battery.

What else could we use this battery for? Livestock! For my purpose, I have ducks. I was thinking of rotating their coop/paddock around my wofati green house in the winter. How would the heat get to the coop? I don't know. A small or large pipe? With a fan? I thought it would be nice without a fan. Paul does talk about a vacuum rod that transfers heat. The rod could just stick in the mass or protrude into the greenhouse.

The animals don't have to be in a specific spot, just where this could work. Am I crazy or is this a good idea?
1 month ago
I second the putting in a part for people with a high water table. That's me!
1 month ago
I was so excited about this project. I listened on the podcast and I became enamored with the idea. After the project was put on hold, I still thought about it.

Paul, this project is a home run. While I live in a convention house in the country, raising plants in the winter means growing lights and big electric bills (really it would drain my Powerwalls for something I don't want to put it towards). I would love to implement the grey water system.

Concerning the grey water or asking questions to answer in the movie, how would the grey water enter from the house? I'm assuming black water is a no go and still for willow feeder or other things you talked about in your book.
2 months ago
I love the barefoot idea. I feel usually too busy with kids. Going out with them barefoot would ground us. I'll wait until it is spring. We got our first frost last night.

My other recommendation is just sitting and watching. We can learn so many things by relaxing and observing. I feel like it is a great tool to have.
9 months ago
Hello permies! We had a lot of water flowing into our pond this spring. The sides of the ponds were overrun with water. Now, the ducks laid eggs last year on the shore and random nests they make. With the large amount of water everywhere, we are finding eggs in the water.

My wife says they are not good anymore. I go back and forth on it. The water is COLD. My hand is ice after collecting these eggs. But the eggs have a permeable shell.

I don't know which way. I don't want to throw them away. There is the egg test to see if an egg is good by seeing if it floats in water. But the wife says the junk in pond wouldn't show up.

What do ya'll think?
3 years ago
Thanks for the info! Are there instructions for a shippable core on the internet?
3 years ago
Hello rocketers,

Has anyone been making shippable cores? I know there has been research on it. And they burn really hot.

I've been thinking of installing a system and the shippable core seems the way to go.

3 years ago
I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the ducks would come in for feeding time. Before that, I did try some well timed rock throws. That did nothing other than move them closer to the shore. If I had my wife during that time we could use two racks to herd them ashore. I never have my wife with me for it.

I was pretty happy for the ducks would come ashore basically whenever I went outside. Now, it has changed. The cat I have for outside mouse catching has turned her interests to the ducks. She hasn't paid attention to them before. She may have killed one already. They no longer come ashore. Not even when I go outside to feed them do they try. The ducks tried to come to feed when I went out there but the cat chased them back in the water. It was the first clue to me what was going on. These ducks are smart. They're not coming if there is a predator right there to kill them.

So now it is a choice I don't want; either get rid of the cat or wait for these unclipped winged ducks to fly away and/or get eaten by this feral cat. Any ideas? Train the cat somehow? I can't be around all the time to protect the ducks around an animal I have for other purposes.
4 years ago
My son and really liked this first book:

This second one is also good;

4 years ago