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Recent posts by Simon Johnson

Thanks for the tips Bryant!
6 months ago
I'm looking for some suggestions on the most simple way to make compost tea.  How lazy can I be and still have some nice liquid fertilizer food for my plants :)  ?
6 months ago
I am also interested in this.  I have access to large amounts of nettles and am looking to get some good quality fertilizer going for my new forest garden.
6 months ago
I just want to make sure that there have not been any further developments / updates about the kickstarter rewards sent out via email that I missed some how.  The May 12th update sent through kickstarter is the last thing I received.
8 months ago

Shawn Klassen-Koop wrote:

Thanks for your support Simon. I think that if we were to do everything again, there are probably a lot of things we would try differently. But since this was our first book, and the #1 source of post-kickstarter collapse is a failure to estimate shipping costs, we had to play things really safe. And there are probably 3 or 4 things that are all a part of shipping kickstarter rewards that may not be immediately apparent.

You're welcome Shawn!

No doubt there are tons of things going on I have no idea about  Shipping is such a sun of gun thing these days when trying to do it on a "regular guy" level and keep it affordable.  Especially going cross border.
8 months ago
Hi Shawn,
I guess it's too late now and not fair to those folks who already paid the $15 USD$ for shipping books to Canada, but I wonder, because you live in Canada, could you get a large number of the books and then ship them out to Canadians?  Shipping something of that size within Canada in CAD$ might make it a lot more appealing for folks in Canada.
Anyway, a thought for another time maybe.
I look forward to the ebook in the mean time.  It sure looks like a good book for those mostly not super familiar with Paul's work.  Really brings it all into one place and into actionable "things".  Happy I could support and get the good word out there to the millions
8 months ago
It seems I only backed to $10 not for the actual book at $15.

Could someone please remind me of how much the shipping is to Canada?  I feel like this may have been the determining factor for me, but I also felt like I did want to support and get the actual book.

8 months ago
I'm still good with the time to get all the extra early bird goodies right??
9 months ago
I'm am really loving this design Matt!

I am setting up an off grid camper trailer to live in as I build and this stove might be the thing for me to keep warm in the winter and cook on.  

So with that, I'm looking to keep the weight down of course.  I won't be towing the trailer around though and will support the floor.  

Any thoughts on tweaking things things here and there in the design to keep it as small as possible?  

It's a fine line to balance the weight issue in a trailer with having a nice mass to keep the heat in over the night.  I wonder where that line might be when installing this kind of stove in a camper trailer?  I certainly can't be running the propane furnace all winter in Ontario to stay warm and cook with...

Any way.  Great stuff here Matt.  I'll post my build if I do end up putting this design in the trailer.  Thanks for the videos, they are super helpful!
1 year ago

I am totally new to this idea, but am quite interested.

Is the basic concept that different types of nuts and seeds will come up with different kinds of "cheeses"?

Is there a certain type of nut/seed which is very versatile and can make many different types?

Does anyone have a favourite type of nut/seed to use?

I've so far tried seed cheese once with sunflower seeds and it turned out ok.  I imagine it takes some practice to get it right.

2 years ago