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Recent posts by Dk Jacob

The newest post is 6 years old. Is there anything going on with this forum that I'm missing?
Was trying to load the site but keep getting an error. Anyone know if they are still in business?
3 months ago
I like that wearing torn jeans in public is so accepted now! People never know that I actually wore the jeans long enough to make these holes rather than me buying the latest fashion trend! Hahahahahahaha Many of my clothes items are older than many of the friend's kids or even the newbie clerks at the store. Like one of you said, the livestock don't care!!!
6 months ago
I am new to this term "Transition Towns" but it sounds like something that would be very good for many communities in California as we certainly need to better know our neighbors and help each other when events like earthquakes and wildfires occur.  How does one approach this?
1 year ago
Hey there, great to be published, yes?  Do you have any recommendations for winning against gophers? When I have a fairly large garden, I don't think I can be lining every planting hole with wire to keep them out.  What to do?  Thanks,  DKJ

Angelika Maier wrote: We did not connect the kitchen waste water to the greywater system


In California, they define kitchen waste water as black water.  I find that very frustrating.  Do all states define it this way?

4 years ago
Not sure if anyone is still wanting to discuss water woes of California, but what I find when I go to county officials (not elected people) they are still very stuck in "tried and true", making it ultra difficult to get permits for anything different.  And they sure charge HUGE amounts in permit fees even for the "normal" way of doing business.  Not sure how to really break the barriers to having alternative for septic.
4 years ago
I do like this idea.  But its prime time may have already past (as others have pointed out) since Email is so much more convenient.  You will get decent initial sales from people wanting to do something good as well as from stamp collectors but then I don't think it will sustain. Does not mean you should not try.... just being realistic.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes tho.  Good luck.
5 years ago
Thanks for answering so quickly.
8 years ago