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since Mar 28, 2014
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I give this company 9 out of 10 acorns!!
Scythe Supply gets a 9 on a 10 for me. In addition to what everybody else is saying they have really good resources as in videos as to how to use. Especially the how to peen the size. One thing I would add to the website is people that know how to peen the scythe. there's no one in my area that knows how and I have never had experience in sharpening knives or peening sythes so that is my one struggle with it. I'm not doing fine work so ends up being okay but I realized my learning curve in sharpening the scythe and peening the size is yet a mile long
5 months ago
These are really good thought-provoking ideas. I am trying to get my presentation together so I can incorporate a whole system of using up waste as a resource as well. Yes to wood chips and food waste!
In my reading it feels like the downfall of any system is having somebody to maintain the system and keep nurturing it along. I read some good ideas but does anybody have experience of something that work really well?
Thank you very much for the thoughts you all are coming up with ! Thought streams that I haven't thought to incorporate before of course I love all native plants but I didn't think about adding it in here.
With this new school addition they're going to be opening up a huge Hillside of land for science exploration and other topics. So that would be a great tie in to have the plants be closer for them to see on the school grounds.
This is so exciting! I am encouraged by your input!
7 months ago
Welcome! If I don't win your book I'm going to buy it. I think it will be an awesome resource for my upcoming endeavor.
7 months ago
I'm lucky enough to have an opportunity to talk to the school about edible landscaping for the whole school grounds in addition to a school garden. I am a complete newbie at this but my passion is strong!
What materials could I bring forth to them that would help sway our position. What would you do if you were given this opportunity?
7 months ago
The weather is shaping up nicely for the weed walk in 2 weeks. We hope it holds! Everything will be flush and easily identifiable as we go on our nutritious edible weed walk. The link to sign up is located above and I will add it here as well. Share if you know of anybody in this area so anybody interested can have the opportunity to come educate themselves

He's encouraging everybody to sign up through the link provided.

1 year ago
Interesting thread!

Stacey I'm trying to picture what you are using as an example and I'm having a little trouble. Is it possible that you can take pictures of the process especially of the freezer logs so my visual brain can get a grasp on it it? sounds like something I can use. Do you freeze them in portion sizes as you would use for another recipe or do you break off pieces of the log?

I'm really appreciating getting ideas! I keep trying different things but have not settled on a good plan of action yet.
1 year ago
Two springs ago I had the opportunity to go on one of John''s weed walks in Oregon. It was so packed full of interesting useful information that I've since been able to make good use of.
I.e. stinging nettle should be folded in half with the under leaf together and rolled into a ball between both palms and popped into the mouth for a tasty bite without the 'bite'.
Since that time I've been wanting to get even more local-to me and have a weed walk at my place. To learn what I have around me.
It somehow helps with me being able to trust what I've read and studied. To have someone I trust point to the plant helps me get over my hesitancy in harvesting and consuming said plant.
So, John agreed and we're opening it to anyone else who shares the interest!  Welcome!
1 year ago
Announcing an opportunity to learn from acclaimed author John Kallas.  

Cowlitz County - Kalama, WA

Welcome!  Register through his website.

We'll be exploring a creekside, an old farmsite, woods, and marginal pastureland.

1 year ago