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Thomas A. Cahan

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... the lime may just be settling out; may be a good idea to fish them out and check for cracks etc so as to not find problems later    
.... the ratio used here is 4oz lime per gallon of water - so there is a considerable layer of lime at the bottom.
... muddy chickie feet here as well- lots of rain.... annoying to only have 1 or 2 clean eggs per dozen for the lime bucket! - one person can't eat up all the rest.... ideas anyone? - no way to lock the girls up; they feed themselves by free ranging... little chickie boots? - chickie foot mat at the nest box? - am unwilling to wash the bloom off the eggs going into the bucket; but need a solution...
3 months ago
.... Thank You for your kind message! - will email directly.    

... warm breezy night! -  a bright full moon; So much to share....

.... deer fencing under construction! - then garden beds installed; need longer days/more hands.... goats/chickens/rabbits supervise the proceedings.

5 months ago
.... Welcome to Permies!      
5 months ago
... Busy season on the homestead! - Lots of experiences to share with a Special Someone.... So much to learn every day! - and to be thankful for.... So much better with a hand to hold!      

.... happy to answer any/all responses!    
6 months ago
... Thank You Melissa! - sending email directly; the age difference would make a mentorship the most appropriate proposal - or can supply how- to info for living non-electric.    

.. Spring is Here! - Where is the Beloved to share the shady bower? - to share plans for the garden during the drowsy afterglow - and await the joys of the coming night? - Life is fleeting; let Us find each other and share the sunset together...
6 months ago
... Hello! - please see my posting '64 M 'Amish' homesteader'; if you think we may be a fit please message... hope to hear from You....

6 months ago
... Thank You for the update; always looking forward to them... hope You and Family are doing well.

.... read the Tony Hillerman series years ago; very enchanting and informative.... always wondered if the Dine still kept the old ways, and strove to 'Walk in Beauty'; hopefully so.....
6 months ago
... Hello!  

- great questions; been down that same road.... apparently the ends of the oats are 'clipped' off which then allows the hull to be rolled/beaten loose (inedible! - like vhewing a fingernail; they are Tough).... oat clippers are specialized units; the cheapest one found was 10k new (China).

.... oats may have been toasted to help remove the hull (destroys oil quality) - also there are 'hull-less' oat varieties (low yields).

.... 'brimstoned groats' (sulphured) were provided in lifeboats (even rats left them alone).

.... finally gave up and bought groats in 50 lb bags at the feed store; they also had whole, rolled, and steel cut for the same price ($18 per bag) - all were delicious (fed the whole oats to the chickens).

.... ended up bypassing oats in general; low nutrition like most grains - do enjoy them occasionally as oatmeal (steel cut - yum!).... mix in some d.e. to lengthen storage (bugs love them)

.... You are correct; the ancients Must have had a way to deal with the hulls.....       :b
.... Hello!    

.... Wow; your raised-bed garden area looks great! - very nice arrangement; plus provisions for climbing plants - bet it will look even better with everything up and growing.

... would have responded for other reasons if a couple decades younger (posted here also) - however wanted to compliment the garden.... hope You find Happiness and Joy....

- Thomas
7 months ago
.... both homesteads available - or can relocate.

.... caveat; am Very tactile; will require someone with endless reserves... every day is a honeymoon! - good day/bad day; hugs and snuggles are in order... intimate preferences are quite conservative; and am quite well-behaved... in fact will need a bit of reassurance to get/keep things going.

- Exceptions:

- sun and warm wind in long prairie grasses
- roaring rain on a metal roof

... very conducive to misbehavior....

7 months ago