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Connected or reconnected. Fit with the right cycles and in the right season. Nourished and nurtured with natural energy. Aware of place and part.
Student of nature's intelligence and permaculture, want to live in community, teach human movement with my hands, in light of F. M. Alexander's discoveries.
Ask me about drL, the rotational-mob-grazing format for human interactions.
Massachusetts, 6b, suburban, nearish coast, 50x50, full sun, 40" year-round even distribution
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Is this covered in any videos or anything? I don't want to put water in there, but I don't really want to leave the wood burning either and it seems to keep flaming for quite a while after I put bricks over the inlet and chimney because I don't have a perfect seal (they're patio bricks with a funny bump on them).  (Yes I can see through the crack, there are still flames in there...and yeah maybe I haven't quite built anything around the ceramic fiber board yet...

Is there some completely different approach for putting out the fire I should know about?  
2 days ago
So here's what went far...

It rained REALLY HARD.  Which we really needed but I swear the forecast had not said we had more than a 3% chance.  And that concrete patio area pools water like a Sepp Holzer pond in monsoon season.  And the fiberboard does NOT completely harden from just being fired a few times--it absorbed 93% of the not forecast rain.  (Note to self--altrnate use fir ceramic fiberboard, the quicker picker upper.)...and so it was much heavier trying to lift it after the rain had been going a while and the glass broke and I got a little piece in my foot while trying to sweep the water away from that area.

I managed to get it up on a few boards to be above sea level, but definitely would do it a bit differently next time.  

The granny cart idea would have worked better, I just haven't yet heard back that I can use the granny cart.

2 weeks ago
I found the patent is abandoned for this.  Interesting.  (See below).

I was initially just trying to find out how guilty I shoudl feel for buying the materials for my rocket stove, as compared with how guilty I should feel for funding the gas company wiht a monthly donation.  Where's the tipping point where you get ahead?

...aaaand that led to the question of whether you could make this stuff at home.  Those chemical names SOUND simple enough...but ???

Process for producing ceramic fiber board
In order to provide a ceramic fiber board which does not emit smoke and does not cause a problem of shedding of particles even when used in a high-temperature environment, the invention provides a method of producing a ceramic board which uses ceramic fibers containing Al2O3 and SiO2 as a raw material, in which a mixed liquid (Na2O×3SiO2) of SiO2 sol and water glass is used as an inorganic binder, in which weight ratio in terms of the solid contents of SiO2 and water glass is SiO2: 89 to 35% and water glass: 11 to 65%.
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C04B12/04 Alkali metal or ammonium silicate cements Alkyl silicate cements; Silica sol cements; Soluble silicate cements
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United States

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InventorYohei FukinoCurrent Assignee ALMEDIO Inc
Worldwide applications
2006  JP 2007  WO US
Application US12/296,343 events
Priority to JP2006128969A
Priority to JP2006-128969
Application filed by ALMEDIO Inc
Priority to PCT/JP2007/059467
Assigned to ALMEDIO, INC.
Publication of US20090321993A1
2 weeks ago
Just wanted to thank you for catching all my bloopers, I've had a larger than usual number of them lately, and for keeping this a safe space for constructive conversations.  Best wishes from the east here.

Warning, Permaculture sun flashlight app may cause blindness, fire, or locusts.  Probably not locusts, but legal disclaimers have to cover all the bases.  Avoid shining the light directly into your eyes or onto dry grass or tumbleweeds at the edge of a field of dry wood, grain stalks, or dynamite.  
2 weeks ago
Yes, thanks for those good points!  I have my water handy in a big highly pressurized tank right over the flame...just kidding.

I am not going the wood route, unless I can get some magic %100 non-flammable wood.

I think it's all good enough for the time being, and soon I hope I'll get the granny cart and be able to add a bit of mobility (especially having a handle of some sort to grip will help with that).  

2 weeks ago
Here are pictures.  Please feel free to point out flaming death points, I won't be offended.

Also, yes, that is a Lodge.  I wouldn't dare use my partner's Griswolds in this project until I've got a solid track record and no points on my insurance.

(Also, I don't know if my wood is really dry.  A picture of my woodpile would show you that it is a few pallets leaned up against a wall, and I picked the "HT" (heat treated) ones from the sideways bars, ie the part that doesn't touch the wet ground when it rains).  It doesn't have any roof over it.  I suspect it's fairly wet wood compared to what the pros use.  I don't have a moisture meter.  I like the idea of heat treating my wood with the rocket stove when I'm done cooking, maybe.

2 weeks ago
" the temperature must reach 570–600°C before wool will ignite;" from  (1112 F).  

I think there's a really safe margin of error for that.  And I love the idea of wrapping the whole of it in wool, and then making wood around that.

For the pot holder, I am thinking of scavenging a propane grill (they have a nice big opening at the bottom) and then putting that up on some cinder blocks (it's a bit too short otherwise).

OK, am I still crazy to consider using wood?

The aluminum suitcase thing still looks like a much better idea overall, I just don't happen to have any and I like the idea of doing this with materials anyone in a lot of places can get for free--pallet wood, I mean.
2 weeks ago