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Recent posts by Eileen Daniels

This year I’m making fruit flavored balsamic vinegar as gifts using fruit from my trees. I do need to buy the vinegar though.
2 years ago
I've been using my thermal cooker quite a bit this winter. My favorite meals have a chicken stock base - soups, stews etc. I have the 7 Liter Saratoga Jack thermal cooker, so it makes a nice size pot for many bowls of soups and stews. I've been using it like an old caldron. I cook the soups, eat some and return it to the thermal cooker where it stays relatively warm. A quick warm up on the stove and it's nice and hot for the next meal. My body is craving this quick, healthy food and so I have it for two or more meals a day.  Once a week I roast a whole chicken in my Aroma Turbo Oven, giving me chicken leftovers. I make my stock from two chicken carcasses cooked in the thermal cooker.
3 years ago
I recently helped Max, a friend that does bee removals professionally, remove and relocate 2 outdoor hives to my home. The bigger colony did not stay in their new super more than a couple of days. the smaller colony has stayed in the super I provided for them. Both hives were located under a tree limb as to give them protection from the rain. I live in So CA (zone and it was Max's opinion that the bees that live in outdoor hives will have a hard time making it through the winter.
4 years ago