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since Feb 26, 2014
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Long story short, married with grown children, happy on a homestead farm. Love to share with young folks who want to learn how to live this way. I teach natural horsemanship and train damaged horses who are rescued from kill pens. My daughter has moved home to learn how to train horses and work on our small homestead farm.
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upstate NY near MA/VT
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Also we offer mounted archery. We are in Upstate NY on 150 acres adjacent to 1000s of acres of state land and wildlife preserves. See www.heartsinhandhorsemanshipllc.com for more about us. We are Cherry Plain Sanctuary Farm on wwoofusa. Thank you, Jules
2 weeks ago
Anyone east of Albany? We are here www.heartsinhandhorsemanshipllc.com
3 weeks ago
This is us www.heartsinhandhorsemanshipllc.com
3 weeks ago
Yes I do and will share. Hosts at woof have alot to discuss! Jules
1 month ago
Wwoof USA no longer has a host forum. We host folks from both permies and wwoof, but permies now is the only place for Hosts to speak to hosts. Any wwoof hosts out there care to communicate? We are currently being bombarded with out of country scam wwoofer applicants. How about you? Thank you. Jules
2 months ago
im so sorry to learn of Daryl's passing... many blessings on your homesteading journey with your children. Jules
4 months ago
i use 50lb bags of sulfur pellets ... they also work well against all things vegetable beetle including squash, asparagus and potato... bees are very happy. Jules
7 months ago
We host alot of friendly folks from now through usually October... check us out drop us a line if you are checking out homesteads. We just added goat milking to our repertoire... and the bees survived the winter! jules and jerome
9 months ago
You two sound pretty cool. Hard times happening to alot of people. Drop me a, line if you are interested in the northeast. Jules
9 months ago