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Hi. We were recently given a goat by an old lady who couldn't manage her any more. She's been giving milk daily for three years since she had her last kid. The old lady had her husband help her do the milking and they played music to keep her calm. She was an only goat, with only a dog and cat for company.

Knowing that she probably wanted a goat friend we found one. The new goat was one of three, but the old lady owner said she was being bullied and needed a new home. She was also very thin and maybe wasn't getting enough food.

Generally the first goat has been much calmer since the second one arrived, but she's much bigger than her new friend and bullies her. I've seen her tossing the smaller goat right into the air and onto her back.

I've built a second pen, and I sometimes put the new goat in there, but she loves her bully...! It's also been -15C for the last week .

I try not to do anything to undermine the dominant status of the first goat.

We were told the small goat is pregnant so we're concerned about what might happen if there's a kid.

Any advice?

This is a great house and Simon is a great guy, full of energy and knowledge and art.

It's a pity that this is so out of date though. Simon was forced to move on from this house and now lives in the Lammas eco-village where he's building another house.