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Do you have any farming experience?  What sort of foundation have you developed on the farm?
6 months ago
I hope you all had a great summer!

My name is Angelita and My partners name is Sean.  I am 30 and Sean is 33.  We have been progressively building our homesteading skills over the past decade.  We have spent time working on a homestead in Montana along the Yak River.  We love the fresh air and abundance of water that Montana provides and we are well aware of the difficulties the climate creates.  We have also spent time working on other farms throughout the northwest including; Nelson, BC , SpringRain Farm in Washington, a nigerian dwarf goat farm in Gaston, Oregon, and a few others.

We have a strong passion for eating an ancestral diet which we believe consists of lots of fats and meats.  Our lifestyle revolves around food and this is where we draw our motivation from to farm.

As a result of our past farming experiences some of the skills and expertise' we have developed are;

cooking- fermenting, canning, preserving. I have learned to deal with bulk harvests and put them to use so they can be stowed away for over a year.  I also enjoy daily meal prep and cooking hearty dinners.  From my experience the kitchen is the "engine" of the farm and I enjoy participating and keeping everyone healthy.

herbal knowledge- I have studied herbs for a decade. I love propagating them in my garden and using herbs for tea, tinctures, and seasoning for my food

goats - We have worked with and milked goats on a variety of farms.  Currently we have 2 Nigerian dwarf goats.

Chickens- We have owned chickens for 10 years.
- Korean Natural Farming.  We learned how to make our own fertilizer using fermentation techniques.
- hoop house/ greenhouse construction - we have experience constructing hoop houses and temporary greenhouses that are extremely beneficial in colder growing climates.
- Seed propagation - We have propagated several different kinds of seeds.  Seed propagation is a constant during growing season and we have experience starting seeds in a variety of climates.  
- health has always been one of our top priorities. We do our best to remain in great shape which allows us to work long consistent hours.
-Construction- We have some basic building experience, but it is not our strength.  We are definitely eager and capable of learning.

Currently I manage a yoga studio and we have a small homestead in Claremont, California.  We would love to consider joining you guys in the Spring.  We can provide lots of positive energy combined with a strong desire to work together and live off the land.



instagram: @angelitairene
6 months ago
We have 20 acres in Southern Oregon.  Lots of soil and plenty of water.  We are located next to some awesome swimming holes and hiking trails. We are looking for a couple to help us with the maintenance of our food and cannabis farm.  Some of the skills and values we are look for are:
- A strong desire to grow and process food
- Willing to work long days outdoors
- Passion for an organic lifestyle
- Eager to learn, research, and discover new information

Check out our profiles on instagram @angelitairene and @fermented_extracts

You would be responsible for bringing a tent or creating some sort of living shelter.   We can offer food as a stipend and $$ at the end of the season.
3 years ago
The idea of WWOOFing is brilliant and seems like it should be such an easy barter situation. The majority of farms I have been on have had an abundance of food and could always use an extra hand in the field.

Most places I WWOOFED provided food and housing. Thus the pay which the farmer has to provide is extremely minimal in value. Food that is grown on site and does not have to be transported or preserved has practically no cost. The housing situation should also be relatively inexpensive.

For WWOOFers who don't have land, better than organic food is priceless. Thus it is easy for a WWOOFer to volunteer time and energy when they are receiving food in return that is Not available for purchase at the typical store.

I considered myself a volunteer and I was excited to be a guest on theses people's farms and to help them out with whatever they needed. However, every farm I arrived at eyeballed me as if I was just another "homeless hippy" willing to slave my life away. Every farm I went to I stayed longer than I should have mainly because I am a city person and I wanted to learn as much as I could while at the farm. I usually stayed about 2 weeks and then I moved on.

In my opinion farmers should share more and look at WWOOFers like a companion not a slave. If you want a slave share your profits. One of the worst farms I worked on was SpringRain Farm. Whenever I would mention a permaculture technique the owner would laught it off and say he didn't believe in "Bio- dynamic magic". We had more than 6 volunteers and everyone was working 40 hour weeks. He would have girls carry 7 gAllon water containers for hundreds of yards. Girls were also given the task of hammering in T-posts with a 40+ pounder. It wasn't only the physicality of the task that irked me, but also the non-chalant  nature in which I was asked to perform the task. To paint a better picture of the situation the farmer who assigned the task is 6'2 260lbs. I am 5'5 110. I can definitely do my share of work on the farm, but t posts are not my specialty.

I WWOOFed on 3 farms in the PNW from 2010-2012 and interned on one in British Columbia.I had eerily similar experiences at all of them.

I worked in the emerald triangle from 2012-2014. I got treated fairly, fed the best organic food, and learned some of the best compost tea and soil building recipes.  I also got paid enough to start my own farm. I  just want to let young farmers know the Emerald Triangle is an amazing place to be these days.

If you are interested simply show up to Wildberries in Arcata, October 1, and you will see what I am talking about. Or We got a great spot for a hardworking couple on my Farm in Wolf Creek, Oregon. We can provide some of the best organic food plus a great stipend and an epic camp spot.

Hippies are not the modern day migrant workers. Treat WWOOFERS with respect. if you don't have plenty to share mutual respect is usually good enough.

3 years ago
Hey Farmers,

We are an experienced farming couple with a motor home looking for a friendly farm.
Growing and processing food is a great passion of ours. We have about 3 years experience working on farms. We have each introduced ourselves below.


I attended college at USC and St. John's University thinking that I wanted a career in finance and byusiness. However, as I expanded my knowledge and experienced the so-called "real world" I soon discovered that I wanted to be as far away from the financial and business sector as possible. I have always had a great passion for my health and as I began to gain a more comprehensive view of the food system I realized that simply eating fruits and vegetables wasn't enough. I came to realize the most important thing is how the food is grown and where it comes from. Upon coming to this realization I have done my best to immerse myself into the organic growing community.

I started out with a small home garden and realized I wanted so much more. Next, Angel and I interned on organic farms in Oregon and Montana during the summer of 2012. We worked on a creamery that focused on milking goats and making cheese. We also worked on a family homestead that had a great garden and introduced us to permaculture. These experiences were extremely rewarding and made it clear to us that working on a farm is our true passion. Experiencing farm fresh food became the climax of our daily lives. We understand the limitless value of great food and thus we are motivated to put forth the effort and hard work to grow it.

I love to spend my time outdoors and in the garden. I am in extremely great shape and enjoy working hard. Some of my other hobbies are cooking, hiking, yoga, and reading. I am always seeking ways to expand my knowledge and create a better lifestyle.


I am a soon to be 26 with a great passion to preserve the art of growing food and sustainable living. I recently graduated with my BA in Geography from California State University of San Bernardino. I have four years of gardening experience and I love the connection with nature that it provides me with and the benefits of eating high quality food. Recently I have been indulging in studies of medicinal herbs and foods. This past year I did an apprenticeship with Rosemary Gladstar, in which I focused on herbal remedies and using food as medicine. I receive great pleasure when I make herbal remedies and tinctures and pass them on to my friends. Nourishing other is one of my favorite ways to connect with people.

I am in the beginning stages of starting my own business. I make all natural and organic beauty care products and herbal remedies. My ultimate desire is to live on a homestead some day and grow my own food and herbs to use in my herbal remedies and beauty care.

I love being in the garden and growing my own food. Thus I am more than willing to work long and strenuous days. My past experiences working on farms have been extremely gratifying. Nothing is better than working up an appetite in the garden and then quenching that desire with freshly harvested food of the highest quality.

Sean and I work very well together and serve as great motivators for each other. We love to go hiking and to cook together. Maintaining the health of our bodies and the environment we live in serve as our primary motivations for daily activities.

We look forward to hearing back from you.


Sean and Angel
4 years ago
Hi Soma,

Excuse me for jumping in, but I am very interested in the opportunity you have available. I have experience working on a goat farm. I live in Los Angeles and I am currently in the process of developing my own body care products. I am looking for some goats that I can work with so I can have milk to make my soap. I also have several years of gardening experience. I am extremely hardworking and motivated.

I would love to hear more about your opportunity.



My girlfriend and I, Angel and Sean, are interested in Volunteering on a farm this summer. We have a strong passion to expand our permaculture knowledge and help others expand their farm. We have past WWOOFing experience in which we were introduced to permaculture and had the opportunity to practice it.

I am 28 years old and my girlfriend is 25. I am a college graduate and currently work as a substitute teacher. My girlfriend recently graduated and is in the process of developing homemade body care products. Our hobbies include gardening, hiking, cooking, reading, writing, yoga, and permaculture. We love to be productive and I think we can be a great help on your farm.

We are looking to volunteer our help from July 25 to September 25.

We look forward to hearing back from any opportunities that may be available.


6 years ago
My girlfriend and I, Angel and Sean, are very interested in helping out on your farm. We would love to help with canning and preserving your food. We have a strong passion to expand our permaculture knowledge and experience. We have past WWOOFing experience in which we were introduced to permaculture and had the opportunity to practice it.

I am 28 years old and my girlfriend is 25. We are from Los Angeles. I am a college graduate and currently work as a substitute teacher. My girlfriend recently graduated and is in the process of developing homemade body care products. Our hobbies include gardening, hiking, cooking, reading, writing, yoga, and permaculture. We love to be productive and I think we can be a great help on your farm. We would plan to arrive mid July and are able to stay until October.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


6 years ago