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Cam Monroe

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since Feb 06, 2014
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Recent posts by Cam Monroe

Judith Browning wrote:a handful a day...just begning the good:)
the trees are covered.......

Those look so mouth watering good!

I recall having a large persimmon tree in the front yard when I was a kid. Amazing when the fruit started dropping.

Should plant some here!
5 years ago

David Miller wrote:Not sure about 'right size' for them in a colony but mine was apx 10x8 with two does and a buck and their kits of course

Seems a reasonable size.
6 years ago
Rabbits are very clean critters. The reason they are so easy to litter train, is because they naturally choose a designated place in their enclosure to go. A shovel, and 5 gallon bucket will make short work of the few piles....great for the garden too! Some of my rabbits are over 5 years old, and have been living on the ground their whole lives, never had parasites ever. The only time I have seen worms in a rabbit was actually fly larvae from a caged rabbit that got diarrhea from too much fresh greens too quick after a winter of pellets.
5 foot by 5 foot is not big enough for a colony, I would want that much space per adult breeder. 20'x20' for 3 does, and a buck would be good to breed, and raise kits to harvest.
6 years ago

John Polk wrote:

and 12 dozen eggs in the fridge. and a raccoon in the freezer

So, did you catch the raccoon stealing the eggs? lol

He was stealing the whole chicken.
After catching him, the disappearances stopped.
He has now been eaten with a nice BBQ glaze.
....kinda tasted like my chickens.....
6 years ago now I don't feel so odd, for having paw paw seeds, and 12 dozen eggs in the fridge. and a raccoon in the freezer
6 years ago
Watching this thread with great interest.
I am planning a chainsaw purchase in the next month, this Oregon saw, might be just what my little 1 acre plot needs.
6 years ago
I am actually in the process of clearing the brush along the perimeter of my property to set up the fencing for cell grazing right now.
Couldn't be better timing!
6 years ago
I grow fresh basil, and lettuce on the poop from my pet crayfish, and an algae eater.
For light, I have a single compact florescent.
I just have a tiny 3 gallon tank, mostly for entertainment.
A larger system would be far more productive.
6 years ago
hiya neighbor!
I'm a bit west of the hills
6 years ago
We brought 6 new chicks home today!

There are 3 black copper marans, and 3 blue copper marans.

Chocolate eggs!

6 years ago