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Recent posts by Jimbo Shepherd

Made this handheld weeder out of a landscape staple and backyard stick... hammered out to flatten and took a chainsaw file to sharpen it. Looks pretty medieval but great for close up weeding! Got a long handled version (broom stick) that works great too.
2 years ago

Cameron Granger wrote:This is all the more amazing given the fact that you are so close to DC with all of those rule followers, code enforcers, and complaining neighbors! Or did you not have to deal with that? If so I’d like to hear about it. We’ve been avoiding playing with our front yard because of such problems, maybe we’ve been far too timid- looks like I better just line the place with sunchokes and get to it.

Hi Cameron, This is all in my sideyard and none of this is in my front yard so Its kinda concealed (by the sunchokes, fruit trees, berry bushes) from the street.  I've left my front yard very suburban looking and people passing by would never know. I do have a HOA but they haven't bothered me yet.  I think for the front yard, some small, slow changes could be accomplished with some dwarf fruit trees.

If it were up to me, I would cover the entire front lawn with woodchips and plant it all out.   I think my neighbors and HOA would totally loose their minds if I did that!  Also, my backyard is a full up permaculture crazy fest with a hugelkultur, composting, huge aquaponics setup, and Quail tractor!  Check it out at Tomahawk Permaculture
2 years ago
Really awesome setup!

I'm counting 9 solar panels and an 8 battery pack.

How long does it take to charge up the 8 battery pack on a day of full sun?

How long can you run that electric saw mill on the 8 battery pack?

I'm wondering how many of those 8 battery packs one would need for sustained electric saw milling over the course of a week.  I really like those lucas saw mills and they have an electric option that can cut up to 20 inch beams.

Thank you!
3 years ago
Check out Curtis Stone commenting on the ridiculous local govt assault on this permaculture farm.

3 years ago
Here is a YouTube Link


There is now a donate button at the bottom of his support page.

Lets go Permaculture Army!  Permaculture is under attack!
3 years ago

Jean Soarin wrote:This is a great start.  There's only one other issue I wish they'd addressed:  this idea that it's ok to send biodegradable «waste» to the landfill is ok because it'll break down anyway.  People don't realize that this produces methane, a greenhouse gas.  

They totally cover that at 3:26 in the video. check it out.
3 years ago
Check this out!  This is the first time I've heard Hollywood stars refer to food forests, composting and regenerative agriculture!  

3 years ago
Looks like I was late for Northern Virginia and got no maple water.  Next year I will drill a hole and make a tap that will just be for monitoring sap flow.   Maybe the first week of January because February was way too late! I will update this next year.
3 years ago

Genevieve Jones wrote:Wonderful post!! Your space has come a long way! I really enjoyed how you laid out this post to show seasonal change. I do have a question..did you let the area rest under that tarp for a whole season or just a couple weeks??

I think it was like 4-8 weeks. depending on row.   I would peel the tarp off just one row and plant it and wait a week then peel off the next row.  That way I always had veggies.
3 years ago