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Your right that doesn't look much like the description they gave.  I sure hope that they do better.
3 years ago
Did anyone see the interview about Yellowstone Park where they mentioned a "Living Building"?  It is to be a house that is built to blend with nature....complete with a grey water system. I thought it was very interesting that our government or someone in the government is looking at Permaculture!  Is anyone here working on this project?
3 years ago
We have the same problem here. I gave up on letting the chickens run free when I am not around.  Between the fox, coyotes, skunks and raptors I am down to 3 chickens. I never wanted as many as we started with last spring (16) but this has been ridiculous.  We had to build a run and a covered area for them.  I still release them on days that I have time to watch for trouble.
4 years ago
I have had several people in the shop lately saying that they are making their own essential oils. Because of the storage factors and losses etc.  I haven't looked into it much yet but I know they all want old crock pots.
4 years ago
I have been playing with ideas along this same line.  Like using old appliances for walls of the chicken house or green house.  We live on a clay hill so I would fill them with clay, dirt rock whatever.  Would be kind of like playing with blocks. LOL  I did the rammed earth in the tires for my greenhouse. While it works well. I am getting too old for that.
4 years ago
That's a good list Paul and people who are interested in this sort of life, helping to fix the environment will find this site...easily.
I agree that is like a snowball and it is picking up speed.  
I also agree with Tyler. This life does not take that much effort now.  
However people who are already overwhelmed with life as they know it, will not be thrilled with the idea of change.  
But look how many people actually went to Standing Rock!  Look how the movement has grown!
I say again I understand the frustration. I used to go thru it everyday. I bought an electric car to commute to a job that I now find I don't need.
But it sure felt like I needed it back then and I do miss the cash.
Not all can communicate as well as a lot of the people on this site. I am one of those.
I will continue to do what I can from here and send people to this site.

We need someone like Paul who can get out there, speak and be understood.

Just a thought may not help at all. But where are these blogs you speak of where they speak only of changing light bulbs?
I don't have a lot of time and I am on limited internet (Hughesnet) but maybe some of us could go and comment there.
We put one on our house and we love it. I even put a hot tub inside. We did however make an error on the slope of glass.  We built it as if it were an earthship and now we have to change it someday. LOL pay close attention to that slope.
4 years ago
We have had both with no luck.  We live in a high predator area and have lost numerous goats and chickens to them.  We have had a Pyrenees and a Llama. The dog was great if we were home, but come to find out if we weren't home he was off dragging dead deer home for snacks.  They like to run.  The Llama never attached to anything at our place she stayed in the furthest corner she could away from the goats and chickens and they appeared to dislike each other. That did not end well either a predator got her.  We just lock everyone down at night and that seems to work out best.  
4 years ago
The truth of the matter is it takes a lot of time and energy to live the Permaculture way. When people say I am going to change to LED light bulbs.  They are saying this is something I can do to help the environment that I have time for.  I have always said we need to go back to simpler times, grow our own food etc. But this is a difficult concept for most people who work a 40 hour week, commuting both ways, only having a short time in the evenings to get those things done.  When we were working in town we got home around 3 in the afternoon.  We raced around getting all of our "chores" done so we could sit down and rest a few minutes before going to bed.  We did it because we love this way of life. However it is much easier now that we don't punch a clock.  So I tell the people who are still punching a clock to pick 1 thing (not light bulbs) be it a worm compost, garden....whatever just pick one and do it well.  Often they find they enjoy it and sometimes pick another "chore".
Most are serving the almighty dollar, until it is cheaper to do things the Permaculture way they will be slow to come around.  IMO
Quit it. I mean really...this being angry thing seems contagious.  You have a successful site, known world wide as a leader in this field.
A friend and I have been talking of Permaculture our whole adult lives (over 30 years now). Of course we didn't have a name for it we just spent a lot of time finding ways to do things that were not using power, gardening without poisons, raising healthy kids, heating homes, cooking. LOL We made A LOT of wine.  We spent a huge amount of time talking with friends on the issues to no avail.
I laughed when I found permies and sent her to it as well. We have been for the most part reading and chuckling along.  We have been so happy that there was a movement towards something we felt was so important in our lives.
We have directed friends here and I see them around from time to time.
I told my husband "They are in Missoula! I could get involved!.  But life with a business, grandkids.....takes over my free time. Not to mention we live off grid, with a rocket stove and a wood cook stove. I have a worm bed, goats, chickens. And since I live as simple a life as possible....I have no free time to come to the zoo to see ya'.  I now own a small business in Garrison.  I want to incorporate the permies movement into the store.  I talk to customers about it all the time and have been pleasantly surprised when some have heard of rocket stove and such things.  Fun!
I understand burnout and frustration. But this would not be as large a movement as it is without you.  
The time is now for this thing Permaculture. The bees are dying, the food and water is poisoned.  People are starting to listen!
Recharge take a vacation!