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Work in Risk Management as my day job. My passion is homesteading and foraging. My youTube channel is really about whatever I happen to be thinking, but I spend a lot of time on wild edible and medicinal plants.
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5 golden rod  Goldenrod video
9 sumac smooth or winged is what it looks like sumac video
10 common mullien with out any doubt. common mullein

Goldenrod can be used to make a fabric dye
sumac makes a lemonade substitute
mullien makes a tea that is really good for upper respiratory conditions. I have videos on all three of these
3 years ago
That would be good. I have thought about doing this myself, but just not real high on the priorities list right now.
3 years ago
I used to help my grandfather do it. It was many years ago. We took a big galvanized funnel and stuffed the bottom with course steel wool. Filled the funnel with a mixture of oak and maple ashes. My grandfather said that maple had a lot of lye but we burned more oak. We had the funnel mounted with a glass bowl under it and had a hose mounted above the funnel. The hose was left dripping, steady drip, but not running. We would adjust the water flow so that it stayed very wet, but never overflowed. The liquid that came out of the bottom was strained through old burlap sacks and then used in the soap.

I have no idea the lye content or anything like that. I do know the liquid would burn my hands if I got any on them and didn't wash it off quickly, but that was 40 years ago. I hope that helps at least some.
3 years ago it is fairly expensive but they are really nice.
If you are wanting something fancey there is Roberts Carriage
They are from Canada, but ship all over the US. I bought two from them many years ago. They were pretty good. Buggy is the cadilac though.
I know Paul is a big lover of pie so I thought I would share. This is my recipe for muscadine pie. Paul lives a long way off, so I don't expect him to come down to Alabama for some pie, but you might enjoy it.
Muscadine Pie Video
3 years ago
The one second from the bottom looks like one of the species of Sow's Thistle

Agree with either a walnut or sumac on the tree.
3 years ago
Could be common ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia, or could be tickseed bidens bipinnata. Leaves are extremely similar. Easiest way to know for certain is wait till it blooms. Both have uses, bidens is better and less allergy causing.

3 years ago
I must also add, that my channel has opened other doors that could turn out to be profitable.
3 years ago
I have the full range of advertising on YouTube. $15 is just from YouTube ads. If I added in the occasional Amazon link, it would be a little higher.

After you have over 1000 subscibers there are groups that will help you get brand deals, if that is what you are hoping for.

YouTube tracks 28 day watch time. Right now I average 20,000 minutes in 28 days. Again it is steadily going up. I started taking it seriously spring of this year and have increased 300 supscribers since March. That is something to take into consideration.
3 years ago
Red bud is in the nitrogen fixing family, but haven't been found to develop the bacteria that fixes nitrogen. Having said that, the flowers and pods are edible.
3 years ago