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Hi bob!!
Receive any wigglers yet? I'm a few hours north but if in the neighborhood I can hook you up...
3 years ago
Livestock: a cyclopedia for the farmer and stock owner by A.H. may take a while to find a "book" but it can be downloaded from and printed out at home but it'll take a while!!

The owner built homestead by Ken and Barbara Kern.

Each of these has proven to be my go to for the "bigger picture" of my operation.
But remember, anything that is in the "book" may not specifically apply to YOUR purposes and work sites... so learn 100% of what the book says and reserve 15-20% for improvisation.

Personal case in point....
I'm 6 or so hours north and west of you. Off grid.  I had a second litter sow farrow unassisted in subzero temps and delivered 14 piglets January 11th this year.
No electric or propane heat as a supplement. All the books I've read say it can't be done. Shouldn't be tried. They're ten weeks today and staunchly vigorous.
Of course, you're 1500' higher in elevation but the same model would work for you. Of course, if you have nothing but rock, it may be moot....
So there you have it... My two prints hahahahaha!!!
3 years ago
Hi Eric and thanks for taking the time to reply.
The flexmax would indeed be a boon to my system. However, I would be able to use the $520 it costs in a few other areas to bolster my longer term goals.
What  I'm looking for is a simple and inexpensive, yet functional charging setup to bridge the gap of winter. Certainly not disposable, but for the low consumption I anticipate, something far more economical MUST be available?
The battery in my laptop will last 3-6 hours depending on usage and I would be able to power LED for anything necessary through the dark hours. I can purchase a replacement laptop battery for under $40 and " lump it" if necessary but I'd rather apply that $40 to the mppt controller perform greater feats!
Edit for v
Panels 37.35 voc, 28.78vmp max system voltage dc600v.
4 years ago
K.... First, my brain hurts!!
My timeline has consisted of doing without for the past ten years. I am now collecting generating capability to apply to the convenience of my off grid living.
The house is wired AC AND DC.
I have four solar panels at 230w each, and four t105 golf cart batteries from Trojan to destroy as per every bit of literature out there that says that's what I'm gonna do!
The charge controller I purchased was for my stream engine, xantrex c40, but I was offered a fantastic deal on new panels that I felt compelled to jump on as a fan of is none, two is one, three is a... For me...
So, I wish to procure a mppt controller for as little expense as possible and seek suggestions. My wire run is less than 75' and existing wire laying about is 1awg.
I am in NW MT and have zero delusions about generating electricity in amounts rated by the watts stated on the labels...radios, laptop and LED lights are the targets. 920w available on label I'd be pleased with the bank at a full charge, the laptop battery at a full charge and use of the LED lights in the 16 hours of darkness setting upon us.
Any takers?
4 years ago
I have an old municipal gas powered 15kw 3phase unit at up to 80 amps from the 1950s.... Was brought back to life but suffered a short invasion of a pack rat.... The rat got a couple cables chewed and removed outside the stator... The manual I was able to get does not explode all connections...this part is not my gift or talent. Anybody here good enough to do this figuring?
Power gen is winco and 4 cyl is continental motors...( motor is not the problem though) don't wanna send juice to the wrong component and perform on the canine.....
6 years ago
Does anybody within a 200 mile radius need an awesome horse or two? I have six and want three. I won't sell at auction. 2005 mare and 2007 stallion, their two offspring 3.75 years and 9 months....sire and dam are registered but the offspring are not( but can be).
Black and white paint half Morgan with a blue eye. And an older ( 20 maybe.... Named Maybe....) dead broke mountain trail and packer. Bomb proof kid proof. All have been ridden by me( cept the baby....) and others.
Hi Daniel and Kevin both! Yes. I looked at a similar task twenty years ago but found nobody was interested. I did it anyway. Would like to speak to each or both of you.
Pm me if you are still interested.
6 years ago
Hi folks... Msg sent!
6 years ago
Hi Jessee!
Dunno how I missed this but BY ALL MEANS contact me if you are still interested. Work load is decreasing with the advent of winter coming (at least scheduled and expected workload... Catastrophic occurances to exercise ones mind and adaptation are year round fun...!) 2015 growing season prep is upon us!
Come get some!!
6 years ago
Hi! I sent email. Yes it is still standing.
6 years ago