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Does anyone own the kindle ebook/mobi edition?

I really, really want to read this book but it's sold out everywhere or costs hundreds of dollars (hmpf ama*on). Has anyone bought the ebook? How is it in digital, is it still fully functional (tables of contents etc)?

I really can't afford to buy another book right now, even the $16 is too much when there are SO many other priorities (food). I do believe that this book has the answers and advice that I seek, judging from snippets of it that I read elsewhere.

If anyone would be willing to lend it to me in kindle form, please send me a purple moosage.
Thank you for your time
9 months ago
Are average old cotton sheets or tablecloths the right amount of shade for let's say lettuce? Is rain going to drip through it, into one spot or distribute evenly through misting? Does it matter?
9 months ago
Hi Susan,
Would you care to update us on your experiments? I wonder what has changed in the last couple years.
I'm learning a lot from you, thank you!
9 months ago
Hi Daron, thank you for sharing so much of your insights, experiments and experience! I find it all very interesting.

I'm curious about your arched pea trellis, would you be willing to share some more information and perhaps some pictures?

I've been thinking about creating bamboo&wire pea trellis that would also work as a windbreak and afternoon shade at the bottom bed of my (sloped and kind of terraced) garden. It's facing west so it gets a lot of the sun later in the day and we get strong ocean winds blowing right between the buildings, up the garden slope. (my location is a small island off the Maine coast)

I also have a black currant cuttings coming in the mail (fingers crossed, thank you Ben falk!) and I was wondering if it makes sense to plant them in the same area (bottom of slope) to serve as a shade and windbreak in the future, once they're established. They'll probably need some extra love in the beginning though.

Any input greatly appreciated! Sending love to all living creatures out there.
9 months ago
Hi, similar issue here. I'm on an island 12 miles off the Maine coast and not planning on going in shore any time soon but definitely growing as much food as possible this year.

We're low on compost but I'll dig under last year's pile. I have access to seaweed, sand, sea shells. Egg shells. I'll go ask a neighbor for some chicken manure. No Coco coir. Crappy top soil. Will scavenge the meadows for better soil.

Any advice or suggestions welcome.

10 months ago
Hi there,

we are very interested in creating a permaculture community in Paraguay! Our group consist of five: three people in their late twenties and two people in their mid seventies (plus all the friends that want to follow once we start something). What's your plan? Do you have anything on site? Any infrastructure that we could stay in if we come? I need details!
5 years ago
Hi guys,

any updates on this topic?

My boyfriend and I we're in almost identical situation - any places in northern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay or maybe Boliwia?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

7 years ago