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Recent posts by lorance romero

Kai, your writing, in a word is magnificent. Yet this seems inadequate to describe the joy and envy that I experienced reading your posts. The sentence I've quoted here is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.

Kai Duby wrote: But the nuthatches that have taken up residence in the bird house near my door are always starting up a cacophony of "mur-mur-mur"s that wake me to the strange but pleasant dichotomy of forest and town.

Please, for the sake of humanity, drop whatever you are doing and become a writer full time. You have a gift that MUST be shared.
I have watched in awe as you have crafted and created wonders. Wow, I am blown away with your skills, creativity, and Awesomeness.

All of that being said, I must say that I think your writing is even more powerful than what you have nurtured in your work at the lab. It seems to come natural to you. What a great future you have.

Please, Please, Please keep writing either here, in a notebook, on a tree or wherever. The world will be a better place if you do.
3 years ago

Elizabeth Rose wrote: We call it "designing for ownership." How do you design systems where the idealists (many in the permaculture world) can experience how their needs may or may not be met BEFORE there are commitments or agreements that might not work out. Land stewardship, farming, facilitation - these are intense and taxing tasks, often less glamourous than our instagram feed. The problem is the solution, right? If we can design our people systems to cultivate ownership of a project, more wofatis get completed, the sawdust bucket gets full, the garden gets weeded.

Ms. Rose, I couldn't agree more. unfortunately authoritarian regimes don't work in this environment. Plus your way takes "so much time"
3 years ago
J, thanks for the reply.

Do you mind expanding on why you don't want electricity on your home?  
I have no problem w/ E, just how it's made.  Bad E: coal, nat gas, oil;  Good E: Solar, Hydro, human power

I'd love to visit but I live in Central New Mexico ... maybe in my travels this summer?

Thanks for the words.

3 years ago
Jamie, dig your thoughts! Curious, how do you do internet if your not down with electricity?
3 years ago
We got one here in Torrance County, New Mexico, specifically in Edgewood, NM  Here's the text. also check out the attachment

~ 2017 Seed Swap and Fruit Tree Workshop ~
 You're invited to bring seeds, bulbs, tubers and other potted or bare root plants to swap or share – please label as to type of seed i.e. “Grandma's Zucchini Squash”
 List the variety and describe the plant and its fruit or flowers as thoroughly as you can!
 Tables and chairs are available if you need room to set up and lay out your garden items, seed envelopes, or plants you bring to swap.
 Seeds from our seed bank will be available!
 Co-op membership forms will be available
Fruit tree selection
Fruit Tree care
Garden Soil Preparation
Growing Techniques
Additional Resources
Guest Speaker: Dwight Luna, an authority on growing fruit trees in NM
Date: Saturday – March 4, 2017
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Location: Edgewood Soil and Water Conservation District Office
2506 Route 66, west of Moriarty, NM
Sponsored by:
♦ East Mountain Seed & Garden Co-Op (a division of EMCC Helps, Inc. a non-profit 501c3 corporation)
♦ Edgewood Soil and Water Conservation District
Donations will be accepted
For More information, event updates, visit our website or email us!
“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22
Website: http://eastmountainseed.org
Email: info@eastmountainseed.org
3 years ago
The one I used at Black Oaks Center in Pembroke, IL  utilized a hose from the well, a 5 gallon propane tank and one of these  Amazon

Easy peezy. Propane lasted good 50 showers or more. Around $100

Hope this helps.
4 years ago
Excellent Point!

i SHOULD think before i write stupid stuff.
This thread and the forums in general continue to remind me how little i am.
i constantly find myself thinking, "i didn't know that" and how much of a student, in all things i am.
At other times i think, fuck that i'm fucking brilliant and awesome, i am, you SHOULD listen to me.
i think that sometimes the word "should" is very appropriate in some circumstances ie: you shouldn't poke the bear
or you SHOULD eat your peas
more recently i write stuff and i think why does anyone read this shit i write?
i then think why does anyone think that their time is worth spending here and i think yeah that's cool or not.
so i try to think that what i write is funny memorable and respectful of everyone and i shouldn't be mean, or nasty.
So I come up with these rules that i try to adhere to when i write/post something.

1)  who am i writing for you or me
2)  Am i trying to be mean, funny, witty,
3)  what is my point
4)  am i contributing or detracting
5)  what would my wife, mom, kids say if they read this
6)  what would future lorance say if he read this 5 years from now
7)  own what you say, asshole!
 and finally "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all"

That's all i got to say on this matter.

Anyone else?

Thanks for reading this.