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Jeinny Solis

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since Dec 15, 2013
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Recent posts by Jeinny Solis

xavier be wrote:was it both your compost piles and a separate bokashi method (in buckets?) that were not successful in removing pathogens?

We do not process them in buckets. They stay in buckets just until we send them to the process area (about 3 weeks after collecting them).  We have serveral composters (2x3m and 2x2m). We have some of the composters' results out off the norm, specially helmints eggs, and also in the bokashi but in lower qtty. Those were preliminar results and we will be analysing them with the investigators and will be conducting some more test and preparing processing variants to fully understand whats going on.

Did you monitor the temps in the compost?

Yes, we monitor temp an pH 3 times a day on each composter. Mexican norms requires that temp is above 55°C for 72 hours. We acomplish that but we will do it everything again making sure all process is correctly handled and all the measurements are correctly taken.

I guess your climate is quite warm there?

We have a 14°C average with min. 3°C and maximun on 24°C

I have to add that we worked our composters according to Jenking's method and one of our guesses on this results is that maybe there is not enough aereation, but we will test that too.

For the quality of nutrients and level of humification, the results were ok.

2 weeks ago
Hi Xavier:

I'm Jeinny and we manufacture WCEco compost toilets, we rent them for masive events, we have a collection service in 5 major cities in Mexico, and process everything.
The largest event we have handle was an Ecobazar with ~6000 visitors during 2 days, but it's not the onlu one. Before that we serviced a Bycicle race with 2400 participants. And we are just getting ready for an event of 45,000 next month.

We never use diverting systems in public events, as they always lead to problems because people do not know what to do with the sawdust and tend to screw it. We use 20L buckets and have personnel there to change them and to be sure everything is going right. It's important and conveniento to use enough sawdust. Not only helps to have a 30:1 carbon:nitrogen ratio, but also, not diverting adds adequate humidity to the compost process.

After the event we process everything in composters 2x2 m composters. But recently we worked with a major university here in México to test the pathogen charge of the final product after a year in the composter and after processing it as bokashi and found that not all pathogens are gone, so know we are being extra cautious and we are working in making some changes to the compost process. So, I'm pretty sure the volume in a bucket is not enough to reach adequate temperatures to kill pathgens. I would recomend to process externally in composters larger dthan 1 m3.

You can see some images of our cabins for events here:

And some images of our composters here

2 weeks ago
Anyone arriving to LA airport on March 12 after 15:00 that could share a ride to Temecula?
8 years ago
Thank you very much. I hope a spot can be open.
8 years ago
Julia, I'm interested in shared lodging and have no problem to share a bed or other arrangement (couch, sleepingbag...) I'm female. Please consider me if you have an spot
8 years ago