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We built this rocket stove and copper coil heat exchanger to fill these two tubs with hot water. This is our Mendocino county California hippie hot  tub deluxe. I did find a steel plate to put on top of the heat exchanger and that made the water get a lot hotter.  we hooked up a regular garden hose to one end of the copper coil and a hose on the end other end of the copper coils which fed the tubs with hot water we did have to be careful not to create steam it can be pretty dangerous I. Am thinking next time That i build something like this I'm going to use a heat exchanger that is in the loop back to the tub where we can create a thermosiphon and instead of continually feeding the water can be continually heating once the tubs are full.
4 years ago

Katy Whitby-last wrote:How about an old caravan? ...hahaha hey that works...we actually started converting an old caravan for our goats and our son called it the "Goaterhome"

Hello! I have been making a new crust for my pumpkin (and all squash) pies by crushing my gingerbread cookies and mixing in some butter and pressing this mixture into the bottom only of the pie pan, and I prefer to roast the pumpkins instead of steaming them....just sayin' if you cut them in half and put them skin side up on a baking sheet and bake until they caramelize you may enjoy the flavor.
7 years ago
You Rule! thank you for saving the goatey-goats! fencing is my current challenge with ours thank you for sharing how your fence is working.
soooo any ideas on things kids can chew on to help them with teething? I have an Alpine Buck (Miles Davis THE sweetest billy in the universe;) and he is chewing the fence to comfort himself so I have been making sure he gets out to forage so that he gets to work his teeth on bark and such and I have been bringing him apple branches, I was thinking that there may be something that will give him pain relief....maybe willow?