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Recent posts by Gerrit Jan Brethouwer

Congratulations with your baby!
Please keep posting.

Miles Flansburg wrote:Gerrit, how much land do you have ? Any room to have a larger area for them to be in?

Good question.
I have a space that is 60 square meters and has a ceiling height of 7 meters, I don't have any outdoor space for the rabbits.
The only way for me is to keep the rabbits inside, and although I will raise them for their meat, I still would like to give them a good life.

Thanks for your post.
7 years ago
Please help me out,
I do want to keep meat rabbits, and I have read studies, and seen youtube videos.
Apparently there is nothing wrong with a wire mesh bottom for a rabbit cage.

But I would rather not do that.

Hence my question, what is a good alternative?
I went to a pet shop today, and the sales person gave me the idea of putting a rabbit toilet in the cage, and train mamma rabbit to use it, and she will teach her children.
I don't mind spending a few hours each day, to keep things clean.
The size of the rabbit farm will eventually, be 50 breeding rabbits, and I plan to start with three does and one buck.

Looking forward to any ideas.

ETA, the rabbit poo will be used for the rainworms I am going to grow as well.
7 years ago

richard orr wrote: O.K. it's been some time since last posting here.. Never the less, a 36 foot sidewheel steamboat sits outside my door, 85% done and waiting for life. The second generation shop is going being built, probably be up and running in about two more months. Then the rocket stove monotube boiler begins. I haven't done enough research ...never enough I suppose and yet I have a definate idea about what I'm going to do... Screw it, it's go time!. Where ignorance resides, I will simply make an adjustable everything. The deviation from rocket stove design is that I will be using a modified type of riser. It will be elongated ...(rectangular) rather then tubeular. The reason for this rout is that I will be using off the shelf, screw-together piping in a hairpin configuration. I will be using extreemly low pressure steam and supplying a large 12" x 11" double acting steam engine. Not effecient, but durable and easy on gaskets and packing...what ever. More about that later.
Pipes will be arranged on top of and outside of the riser and dump into an outside circulation drum. Don't expect anything solid for the next two but then, .....stay tuned.

Please keep us posted.
At the moment I am studying possibilities for a power + heat generator.
I would be interested in a small steam engine boiler that can be heated with a rocket stove mass heater.
7 years ago
Thanks for the link.
7 years ago
Hy everybody,
here is a complete newbe, with interests in ecological gardening ( you know get a permie garden going)
I have read that some of you use oldnewspapers for mulching layers.
My question: "Isn't this ink very toxic?"

Anyway I get tons of useful information here.
7 years ago