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Recent posts by Daryl Stewart

Thanks for the kind words. It's been a long hard slog but like I said it's getting easier to grow everything.

Have a crowd funding campaign on we the trees if anyone is interested in helping keep things rolling out here...sure could use the help.


Guess I need to find the most appropriate sub-forum to post this into too...
7 years ago
Hello fellow permies.

Wanted to post what I've been working on for the past 4 years.

Started with a large dead soil lot in east Austin that once was a junk car lot.

In 2009 I broke ground, putting in runoff capture, swales and planting them up.

Things were moving very slowly at first due to the poor soil conditions and many mistakes (or learning opportunities) but now I can really see things changing quickly.
Momentum is hard to overcome, but now that I've got the momentum moving in the right direction it's getting easier and easier.

So from barren to bountiful in just a few years. Many, many dozens of fruit trees, veg and edibles, herbs and medicinal now flourish. Guinea fowl run amuck while my goats are prepping the back 1/3 of the property...all under the watchful eye of my Texas Healer Rusty Shackelford. Have built a tiny 'storage' building out of papercrete and have another under construction. Also have installed a small nursery and a couple of different aquaponics systems. The system is far from complete (are they ever finished?) but I continue to fill in the missing pieces every day.

Here's a little before/after video I did this past spring...hope you guys enjoy.

And for any of you guys in the area I'm hosting an open garden this Sunday 11-10-13 from 1-4pm. Hope to see some fellow permies there.



7 years ago

Yulianna Gardener wrote:In response to a couple of questions. The bus has been partially converted inside to RV living.. It does have storage and a sink that drains outside for water catchment. Also has bedpace etc.
The bus does not run and I bought it for a living dwelling.
I was curious if I could adobe over the boards if I were to board up the space where there is missing windows? Is boarding up the space where there is missing windows completely insane though considering lack of light? (3 will remain)

Would a rocket mass heater be better than a woodstove in a bus? I am new to the rocket mass heater yet find it incredibly facinating. Just was not sure for a bus.

Also thought about wrapping or stapling wool blankets over the inside of the 2 by 4's inside for natural insulation. Anyone's opinion on this?

Also thank all of you for the advice. Im using a computer with a time limit so will have to go over again when I can truly absorb everyones suggestions.

Any warm spots in new mexico one can think of for winter work trades or off grid living? (just in case this bus decides to boot me )

Wow, having lived in a converted school bus here in Austin,TX I can only imagine what you're facing.
They are just an uninsulated metal box. Hot in the summer and cold in the (our mild) winter.

Could do bale of straw around the bottom then do light clay straw on the sides (somehow) and you'll have to plaster too.
Not sure whats around you free resource wise but you could also do bales of cardboard for the lower skirting instead of straw.
Just be careful your not building a funeral pile.

If your looking to bug out during winter feel free to head down to Austin if your up for some work trade.

Best of luck with the bus.
7 years ago