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I’ve always viewed the terms this way
Recycle: broken down to be remade onto some other product. Not something the individual does but something done but larger processes in special facilities.
Reuse: using the item for essentially its original purpose (like cleaning and reusing used ziplock bags)
Repurpose: using the item for a purpose different than its original but without significant alteration or change in value (using my old creamer bottles to store lentils or as a pencil holder)
Upcycle: frankly this could be combined with repurpose and the definition could be expanded to any use different than its original purpose regardless of amount of alteration or change in relative value. But if it’s to be its own term then it would be anything with significant alterations and or increase in value. By value I don’t mean necessarily monetary value. Altering my creamer bottles into fancy dolled up pencil holders I sell on Etsy may count but so could using those bottles to build a greenhouse or melting them into plastic bricks.
This concludes today’s edition of “my opinion no one asked for or needed”
1 year ago
Haha one of those ask forgiveness not permission sort of things? I think that'd probably work. In my experience the city sends warnings before fines anyway.
I've considered putting the wildflowers in beds so they look more like a weird flower garden than anything else. It's a little wasteful of space and in the end the edging may get lost in the greenery but perhaps it would help.
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll see if I can't find anything about ordinances, perhaps my research will be more fruitful going forward. In the end I will probably rely on a combination of my neighbors not caring and the city giving a warning before they start giving me fines.
1 year ago
Quick question: I have a big lawn I don’t want to mow so I’d like to convert half to a wildflower field (1/4acreish) but I’ve been warned the city may not let me. Is this a thing? How do I find out if I can do this without getting fined to death? My google-fu has failed me so far.
1 year ago
I'm also a developer and have been considering this! I'm starting with a plant database with advanced search functionality (searching for companion plants for x plant or plants with y water needs that are perennial and zone z, etc) but these are all interesting features to consider. As such I'd also be quite keen on learning what folk would be interested in.
I think the hardest part would getting the disparate sub-tools to work smoothly and easily together in an overall app and finding ways to make this more useful than just writing your notes on paper or typing them into a sheet. Data visualization would be one easy way to make this more useful to the end-user. Being able to see plant productivity over time or some data vis around your animals' health might be nice, etc. Being able to utilize data from related IoT devices like moisture sensors (again with some data vis to make things easier to grock) would be super cool but it would rely on a hardware with an open API.
Were you thinking as far as tech stack? Are you going to go native mobile or like mobile web or just web?
1 year ago
Thanks for the reassurance guys! I shall plant all sorts of flowers without worry then and hopefully my local bees, bugs, and birds will be well fed for it.
Forgive me if this is a stupid question but I am but a humble noob. I finally got a house and I have a giant yard. I’m not growing tons my first year so I’ll be left with about half an acre of grass to mow. I was thinking about throwing around a bunch of wildflower and clover seed to cover a large part of the unused yard so I won’t have to mow so much and so the birds and bees will have plenty of food (also that nitrogen fixing goodness). My question is this: if I plant a metric crap-ton of flowers is it possible there will be more than the pollinators can pollinate? Like is it possible the bees will be too caught up in the mass of wildflowers to pollinate my veggies? Again, sorry if it’s a dumb question.
Both ideas make sense. I get weary of roadside furniture if only because OH has such a ridiculous bed bug problem. I did see free pallets on Craigslist though.
4 years ago
So I'm living in a place I don't intend to stay and trying to build a bed on an exceptionally tight budget (I have maybe $20 in spending cash every 2 weeks).
I want to make my bed temporary and cheap so I was considering, rather than buying wood, perhaps building it from cheap landscape cloth and a wooden frame. Has anyone seen anything or tried anything like this?
I was going to build a box structure from scraps of wood about 1x1", probably with posts every 2' and then staple the fabric on 5 sides (leaving the top open obviously). I don't know if this would be sturdy enough for a 8'x2'x1' structure (or maybe 2 4' long boxes). I could also reinforce it with a wire mesh like chicken wire. I'd look into getting scrap wood to build with but I don't have the tools to cut large pieces of wood.
As an aside, I'm building said bed on concrete. I've read this requires a layer of stones at the bottom for drainage but I read elsewhere that fabric on the bottom was fine. Any thoughts on that perhaps?
Any ideas or advice are very much appreciated.
4 years ago
Oh man, I don't realize it was that persistent. I'll give it a try and just make sure to have any plant I put there planted elsewhere too. Sadly, the soil beneath it isn't any good either (clay and grubs) but my options are limited. Thank you again for the advice. Hopefully I can keep it down for the season at least.
4 years ago
Ah, well, I don't know where it started but my neighbor has it too. Sadly, he's insane and threatened my roommates with a firearm last time we tried talking to him (dude was neglecting his dog in freezing weather, not a good person).
Based on your advice the best I can think of is cutting/digging and then maybe put something down and build a bed? I don't expect to be here next year so I don't need a permanent solution honestly.
4 years ago