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since Oct 04, 2013
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Soon to be 61, mother of 1 now off to the Big City. Homesteading for 21 years on 32 acres, rural, 10 acres cleared, 22 bush/wood lot. Divers fauna, wildlife, landscape and terrain.
Goats, chickens, horses, zone 1, 2, and 3 gardens.
MA Visual Arts/Anthropology, Historian, Researcher, Logistics, PRI PDC Certified, and Deep Green Permie Practitioner. Hardworking, steadfast, creative thinker, no nonsense confirmed Hermitress and proud Crone.
Zone 4b Ontario, Canada
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Good morning Hunter.

Having had milk goats for the past 22 years, may I suggest you leave the new kids on the new mother for a month before milking.  A new mom's udder will develop better with the babies left on for the first month.  Their suckling will increase the flow with their primary source of nutrition being met.  They will naturally strip the mom that increases the production in a way hand milking cannot.  Then you may consider milking the mom once a day, leaving the babies on during the day, and separating over night.  Mom and babies will do better in the long run.  There are occasions when a new mom just hasn't enough production to spare, and we must forgo milking altogether to ensure that both mom and the babies stay healthy.

Cheers!  K
Hi Carrol-Anne.  

Lovely post, sent you a PM.  

Cheers!  K
7 months ago
Hi Amit.

You're doing great, keep up with the natural remedies.  Been treating barn cats, and goats with natural remedies for 2 decades, vets charge way too much for common sense.  Might I add that a good compress of saline hot water (hot water with salt) also does a great job of drawing out infection and drying the wound, then apply the salve of your choice.  Cat (dog, or goat) will be just fine.  

Cheers!  K
8 months ago
I now ask the question:  Do they want to learn about living a homestead life, or, do they want to live their life on my homestead,...big diff.

Cheers!  K
We dowsed for our drilled well using L-rods made from a wire coat hanger.

Cheers!  K
1 year ago
Hi Jeremy.

Still interested in having you here at some point, all depending on your travels of course.
Trying to do the solar thing, but honestly it's not my forte, so slow going diy.

Cheers!  K
1 year ago
The pavers would be great to build a Spiral herb bed.  

Cheers!  K
1 year ago
I taught my daughter the miracle of a seed sprouting, the birthing of a goat, the nurturing and patience that comes with all of it all.  

Care for the Land, and the Land will care for you.  
Care for the animals and they will provide for you.  

Simple,... The basics of spirituality, of caring, of nurturing, and thus the roots of interconnectedness.

I am Pagan.

Cheers!  K
Hi Matt, and Mike.

My partner says 219F is the temp he brings the sap up to when finishing, and does the drip thing on the spoon that Mike describes.

Cheers!  K
1 year ago
The Mighty Oak, The King of trees, thus regarded by the Irish and Scots.  It was against Celtic Law to fell a living Oak for a profane purpose.  A sacred tree in times gone by, and still to this day in my family, I was raised to never fell a living Oak.  

My homestead is covered in them, and as my mother taught me, I have taught my daughter, Oaks are sacred, the King of trees, and I am comforted to have my home among them.  So lives on an ancient tradition, in reverence of Nature, Oaks in the building of such magnificent structures as that of Notre Dame.  

The fading trades that built Notre Dame will now come to the forefront of her rebuilding.  Without such an events as this fire, would these Old Knowledge Trades have survived?  Every available Craft Person of these ancient trades will be called upon, and new ones trained.  This is a project that Modernism can't respond to, but the near forgotten Trades will see a rebirth.  

There is more to be said here, yet I can't, at this moment, put into words, the feeling is that Ancient Wisdom is at work here.

Cheers!  K
1 year ago