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food preservation homestead greening the desert
Certified Raw Food Nutritionist. Ordained Essene Minister. Creative Director, UX architect, Published author, Organic gardener, Preservationist, 30 years Veg*n
Co-located in Las Vegas, NV and Johnson City, TX
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Reviving this roll call.

We are Texas Hill Country - 290 Wine Trail near Johnson City - an hour west of Austin.

Would love to make some local friends. These are our thoughts:
6 months ago
if you had some kind of tiny house already we could talk? we have land an hour west of austin that we plan to build into an intentional community - but no infrastructure yet, nor for a while...
6 months ago
did you buy that land? we have just 5 acres and were being heavily taxed in spite of the fact that 2/3 or our 5 is 100 year flood plain. i tried to appeal, but was told by the assessor's office that we should be happy we have land that's near water... and we should just plan to use it recreationally.

so now we're in similar predicament. we plan to plant fruit and nut trees on the land.
i did a quick look into flood zone type housing to set up as guest houses.

Search for bahay kubo nipa hut style dwellings.
6 months ago
THANK you so much - this list is very helpful.
we came from Southern California where we shopped at Theodore Payne Foundation and last 15 years in Las Vegas, where we found the State Nursery as a great resource. Now that we are relocating to Hill Country - you have just helped us make a lot of new friends!!!
6 months ago
yes. we did this very thing on a small scale. we dug down only a few feet and ended up with a nice level bed. we grew tomatoes there and they did very well!
6 months ago
hi alicia,

apologies for taking so long to respond. exciting news about your tiny house. how is it going?

currently we do not have wired internet. i use a standard 'nomad' setup with a zte phone hotspot and the visible network. and with that i have been able to get my work done and even stream movies for entertainment. i think a more formal internet setup would be even better of course.

we do not have any plans to be overtly "religious," just "higher power" aligned.

please keep in touch!
6 months ago
Hi Neighbor.
We recently bought 5 acres in hill country (1 hour west of austin) and will also be planting a food forest and creating Intentional Community. i looked over your list of places you have visited thus far and could not find: Kirby frye or Bill Mccraney's farm on a map?  Would you mind elaborating on where they are? and please, would you mind continuing to share what you find out.
We're in Johnson City off the 290.
6 months ago
Thank you Rebecca. I will follow up with everything you posted. listening to the podcast now. The Modern-Essene movement is not a formal "religious" movement per se, it's more of a dietary and ethical movement, but we can certainly learn from other religious groups. i WILL see if we can reach out to the Waco community!
Thank you again for your noes and links.
9 months ago
Hi Tom,

Are you still around these forums?
How did your FBG community go?
We are close by down 290 towards Johnson City. We should all stay in touch!
9 months ago