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Recent posts by Yulianna Gardener

I just happened to run across this woman's add on Craigslist and thought of permies.
Here is her link http://humboldt.craigslist.org/sha/4423261920.html
6 years ago
I figured I would repost this since the season is more appropriate for the post.. Let me know

6 years ago

Just curious if anyone had an off grid property they would be interested in renting or financing to own.

I am more interested in the states of nm, co, mt, and ca.

Would love to find an inexpensive option with a yurt or another structure already in place.

I have experience with off grid living and am also open to potential care taking situations.

Idealistically would like to find someone willing to work with me to help me achieve my dream of starting my own creative endeavor.

I'm on bit of a budget. 400 a month type budget. Heh. But, could make agreement when/if come into more can pay more on property. Open to creative ideas w financing, work trade, etc

Thanks so much for reading
6 years ago

I am seeking work in the southwest NM area or also open to Co, MT, and pretty much anywhere on the west coast. If anyone has any work or leads please keep me posted. Thanks so much!

I spent the last year of my life living off grid in the desert and now am looking for a new adventure, skills, and hopefully income.

7 years ago
In response to a couple of questions. The bus has been partially converted inside to RV living.. It does have storage and a sink that drains outside for water catchment. Also has bedpace etc.
The bus does not run and I bought it for a living dwelling.
I was curious if I could adobe over the boards if I were to board up the space where there is missing windows? Is boarding up the space where there is missing windows completely insane though considering lack of light? (3 will remain)

Would a rocket mass heater be better than a woodstove in a bus? I am new to the rocket mass heater yet find it incredibly facinating. Just was not sure for a bus.

Also thought about wrapping or stapling wool blankets over the inside of the 2 by 4's inside for natural insulation. Anyone's opinion on this?

Also thank all of you for the advice. Im using a computer with a time limit so will have to go over again when I can truly absorb everyones suggestions.

Any warm spots in new mexico one can think of for winter work trades or off grid living? (just in case this bus decides to boot me )
7 years ago
P.S. Or if anyone is looking for a worktrader for the winter months in the western states keep me in mind. hehe
7 years ago
Hi all,

I am somewhat new here. My name is Julianna and I am living in the high desert off grid in an old 40's school bus. For spring and summer I used two by fours and shade cloth on the broken windows of the bus (the bus unfortnately only has 3 intact windows). Last winter I stayed in another bus with windows and it waqs still quite cold with the stove and went through alot of wood.

My question is if anyone has any good ideas for winterizing a bus SUPER cheap or salvage. Where I live alot of people live off grid and do the salvage thing so materials sometimes are scarce.

I have thought about boarding up the broken windows for winter and putting in a wood stove or the possibility of seeing if a rocket mass heater and learning to build one would work in the bus. We can get down to -20 here at the coldest months.

Any creative ideas would be appreciated. Also, need to use natural materials as possible. I am really sensitive to chemicals/unnatural insulation etc.

So, anyhow let me know if anyone has any inspiring or helpful ideas.

7 years ago

So, here is the deal. I am a 30 yr old female looking for something new... a change of pace. New energy. I have spent the last yr of my life living a school bus off grid in the desert. The spring and summers are beautiful yet the winter was incredibly harsh last year so I am thinking of leaving my space for the time being. I prefer to stay out west and not east.

Open to potentially batering for rent on a ranch, farm, etc if the right thing came along. A housesit would also be a great potential option.

About me: Interest wise I am incredibly curious about many things. I love travel. Art, photography. Would like to learn Ariel arts/theatre stuff. LOVE nature, interested in and learning more about natural healing, herbs, naturalism and plant identification, like to hike, enjoy quiet but am also pretty adapatable. I can be shy sometimes yet ironically social at others. I respect others space. Get along with all types of animals. Interested also in learning more about alternative building. Enjoy off grid living (yet I open to multiple living situations.) Prefer to live somewhere people do not use things like Febreeze and chemical type perfumes. (i am sensitive to all that wacky stuff)

I am considering on taking some classes whether this be free school, interning, or basic art or healing classes at a school. (open to working one of one with someone if they are into teaching a trade or having a apprentice) Also open to traveling and learning trade skills with the right person/people.

Anyhow, to sum things up I am looking for change of energy and something new from the space i have currently been living. Open to many suggestions.. from working/living in the back country, natural building, herbal stuff, becoming skilled at a trade, to shoveling stables. heh. So, yes basically I am very curious and exploring my options of what's available.

I do not personally drive. Yet, I do have a mountain bike. I do not mind walking, hitching, biking, etc. Being walking distance to things for a change might be nice..but does not rule things out for me by any means.

It would be nice to find a sport that included some kind of boarding or at least tent space. Partial pay would be a luxury and obviously very helpful but certainly not a deal breaker for the right opportunity.
Anyways, if you have something or any tips on finding a space/work/learning a trade/art stuff (any of those!) please send me an email. Thanks for the read!

I am new here btw

7 years ago