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Hello there,

First time poster -

Anyway, I have been some trouble with cast iron seasoning and restarting. This past 1-1½ years I have been trying to "get it" - but the proces seems illusive to me.

I have been reading various threads and articles, and watched various youtube videos on the subject - but I am still somewhat of on getting this thing down.

What I have tried so far:

Restart cast iron that has been a bit neglected, but not terribly so. I have seen various suggesting on starting the proces:
- oven cleaning cycle (I have no access to any oven that has that setting, so that was a no-go)
- Heating in a fire on the embers (seemed to risky)
- Oven Cleaner (seemed toxic and nasty - but lackin any better alternatives I went with a similiar approach: - this is some offensive stuff, but it sure works)

For seasoning I have tried out Sheryl Cantors method (mentioned in Pauls Cast Iron article: - with out much success: Seasoning flaking off, seasoning being mottled etc etc
Tried both seasoning on a stove top and in the oven, at various temperatures.

Lately I have been trying just to use my cast iron pan, not do much washing afterwards - hoping to build a good seasoning eventually - though it currently is very non-stick I seem to be having two problems:
a. If I look closely at the surface there seems to be something greyish, so I figure I have not actually succeeded in building a sufficiently thick seasoning layer.
b. When ever I cook something, though it most obvious when doing eggs, some black spots seem to be sticking to my food - they are fairly tiny - not bigs flakes, but I reckon that is either seasoning or old foodstuff (well that is the same basicly) But it seems to be to excessive.

My current skillet is basicly a little bit to large for the stove, so there might be an issue with reaching temperatures sufficient for seasoning at least near the edges where most of the black "spots" seem to be coming from.

Basicly I am a bit at a loss at where to start, since it seems I have tried just about every suggestion - and yet people have been doing this for ages with out any elaborate schemes. Anyhow, pictures can be supplied need be.


7 years ago