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Recent posts by John Gray

Does there exist such a thing? Do I have to invent one? All the walk - behind seeders I've seen are all designed to make a groove in tilled soil which would totally not work in my seaweed mulch (would just be dragging seaweed) I need something like a wheel with spikes with holes in the ends of the spikes to roll over my mulch and poke in seeds at intervals.
9 years ago
Have you found anything yet?
9 years ago
Hello, just seeing this and realizing its been a year since these posts, so,was wondering how the progress has been? what have the costs been like so far? I agree that the main costs would be on things that shouldn't be skimped on and then the majority of the building materials free recycled stuff. I was also wondering what it took in your counties to acquire building permits and where to get ES plans, I've seen plans on the website for $8k and $1k for the simple survival model, did you guys just design them yourself? Also, did anyone have prior experience building them? (workshops ect.) I'd love to hear back from you guys.

10 years ago
right, but is there anymore info on technique?
10 years ago
I dunno, started watching jeavons stuff....of course the first videos of a series would be elementary but, he doesnt cover his soil...PAUL! HAVE YOU TALKED TO JOHN JEAVONS ABOUT HUGEL MOUNDS?!
10 years ago

Cortland Satsuma wrote:@Matu...

I would be interested in your: Chestnut, Wormwood, Basil

I will have a list this weekend. What I know I have a ton of: Hickory, Oak, Winged Sumac, Rudbeckia, Butternut Squash, Yellow Cucumbers, Marigold, Lambs Quarter, Papaya (not cold hardy)


I am located in Virginia, USA (7b-8a)

I have a some persimmon seeds for trade for any of the following: Medlars, Quince, Blk or White Mulberries, White Currants, Goji,

How many goji seeds do you need?

Matu Collins wrote:I've noticed that this is something people do on permies. It's a great resource.

I never get to the post office, or anywhere much really, but I would like to do some trading.

For seeds I have Chinese chestnuts, catnip, wormwood, kale, spicy mustard greens, long island cheese pumpkin (much like butternut squash) and basil. That's just what I can think off of the top of my head.

I'd also love north American nuts of any kind.

I know some permies like it, but I would never plant Autumn Olive. It's invasive in our forests and the fruits are not yummy to me. The birds east the berries and poop the seeds all over. Since it's a Russian variety, it leafs out earlier than our native trees, shading them. I'm not a native plant Nazi, I'm ok with introducing plants if they have great functions and won't cause too much trouble but here in New England Russian olive isn't worth the nitrogen fixing and oxalic acid berries. Bleah.

I've got tons of hazelnuts and black walnuts, might even be able to find you a sapling. Would love chinese chest nuts, whats worm wood all about?

Cortland Satsuma wrote:Hi! We are in Virginia (zone 7b-8a...this winter may push down to 7a). I am very interested in exactly the same thing! I have done a few straight trades with some permies; but, would be interested in inexpensive options, too. I have about 65 paw paw seedlings in that I bought for about $3 each. (We plan on about 200 total) I can get you info if you need it. Several permies also have paw paw seeds that they could trade / sell. I plan to inventory this years seeds this next weekend; I will know what I have then. My pear, peach, and apple cultivars I have already promised the cuttings to a local Craigslist poly culturist who has a lot of different fruit tree cutting to trade. He too, is interested in a scion network; as grafting is his specialty. I also have lots of different hickories and oaks that I can trade acorns/nuts or cuttings from.

Hey! That'd be amazing any info would be greatly appreciated, and If anything I originally mentioned is something you need I'd gladly send you hazelnuts, blackwalnuts, ect I'm even making a tooth powder with blackwalnut husks that is said to get rid of cavities and repair enamel(I'll test it on myself first, see if I get black teeth). How did you plant your pawpaws??

Michael Cox wrote:Hi John,

It is exactly the right time to be sticking hardwood cuttings. Lots of youtube videos for guidance.

Many of them need nothing more than a cultivated weed free bed to be stuck in over the winter. I stuck a few hundred cutting just on sunday - some fruit bushes but mostly ornamental roses. I'd take a look around you and see what plants you can stick. Even if you don't want more of them yourself it will give something to offer.

Personally I'm aiming to propagate enough currant bushes to plant a 50m or so hedge - I like red currants a lot.


How easy is that? I've been taking cuttings of raspberry, blueberry and goji, sticking them in soil filled toilet paper rolls sitting upright in a 2in. fish bucket with an inch of water and a bubbler, Is that too much work? They seem to be happy and I transplant them to pots once root bound.
I'd love it if we could set up a system where people could post up things they have excess amounts of and what they are looking for so we could barter amongst eachother for trees, seeds, ect.

I'm looking for paw paws, north american nut trees, honey berry, sea berry, goji berry root stock.

In my case as a beginner, I haven't really got much established that I could use for bartering and would be willing to pay for stuff. I'm in the south coast of massachusetts and we have a lot of blackwalnut, hazelnut......pine&cedar. But I do have things like rosehips (I haven't tried propagating from seed or cutting), honey suckle, raspberries, blackberries, autumn olive, I've found a variety of ground cherry thats larger, meatier, and that has a more nuttier sweet taste than the ones I've cultivated on the farm i work at from johnny's seeds. We're right on the ocean too, so I've got lots of close-proximity-to-the-ocean-type stuff.

Get at me people. Really looking for paw paws and would gladly throw you some money, any of the things I've mentioned, or look for things you might need that could be growing here.