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My family and I moved onto an untouched forest lot in central Maine 3 years ago. We have been learning how to build, while living on, our new off grid homestead. Life is amazing.
Central Maine
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Recent posts by Sarah Houlihan

So how should we go about this?
Shall I PM you an address?
1 month ago
My family is off grid, homeschool, and, of course, permaculture.  It is hard for kids to make friends when no one else even understands how you live.
I noticed the pen pal thread and I think this may be awesome way for my kids to befriend some other permaculture kids.  
My kids are 7&8, but the 8 year old girl I am especially looking for a pen pal for.  Is this something anyone might be interested in?
2 months ago
And here is where we stop for the season.  It snowed last night.  Just going to add a couple posts for the snow load.
2 months ago
The only reason the ricks are at the surface is because my boyfriend dug them up with the excavator.  There are a couple at the surface.
Thanks, Travis.
Work got put on hold for a bit, but we're moving forward!

Travis Johnson wrote:

What are you planning to use for a foundation? Rubble trench?

Yes.  Then the base of the house will be stacked boulders.

I'm experimenting with the same idea as a rock jack.  Im working on an addition where I sunk the posts a foot or so and filled in with gravel.  Im stacking rocks around the posts to make wall bases, like in the house.

Something like a rock jack covered in cob could make a nice house corner with a built in corner bench inside.
3 months ago
So the foundation vs boulders war rages on.  I have decided to try something different.  It starts with an all seasons room to cook and store wood.  Next year the addition grows to???
I am also learning how work with boulders.  Using a machine is too expensive, but I'm a small female so...
Im learning levers now and rock splitting next.
The new addition will be built into the lanscape behind the current house so that the boulders can be incorporated rather than moved with a machine.
The addition is coming along wonderfully so far...
So glad I saw this post.  Im in Maine on 8 acres of rock/ledge and clay.  We run into lots of problems with fencing and things.  I will be trying this out soon for sure.

Now if only I could make this work for the base of a cordwood house.....
3 months ago
The glass bottles are just part of the base for the rocket stove.  I hope to build a cob oven nearby on the same base, and so I did the bottles for the whole thing.
3 months ago
After building many cob  rocket stoves, we were still having the same problem.  The cob in the back would not take the abuse of having sticks jammed into it and we couldn't seem to be more gentle.
So I made a -sort of- base out of firebrick and built around it with cob.  I built two of them side by side and they are fantastic.

Then I made my boyfriend a T-shirt to wear while he cooked for me.  I included a link in case you need one for your rocket chef!
3 months ago