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Thanks for the info.

I have hydrated lime, drexil, jlube, silica sand, portland,  and perlite on hand.

I've seen others using baking soda before but I don't recall seeing a 16:1 ratio of portland to lime. The jlube apparently makes a big difference in the distribution of the air bubbles but we shale see.
18 hours ago
What was the final receipe tested here? I couldn't hear some of the amounts / ratios / ingredients etc.

We are about to make a hearth out of this stuff on which a 450lbs stove will rest on four legs. Thinking of doing a form out of sheet metal and pouring into that with a top layer (like 1/4") of straight concrete to help spread the loads out better.

Side note:
COPPA won't fine you personally ... google lying about who is responsible for content on their platform. They are the ones who will be fined as they have been in the past.
They were fined for tracking data on underage individuals and that is why this whole COPPA thing is being pushed right now. Instead of owning up to it they are instead threatening content creators as somehow being responsible for their actions :/

If you need a safe haven just migrate to bitchute ... anytime you "publish" a video on YT you can set it up to auto publish on your bitchute account. If you need help setting it up let me know ;)
1 day ago
If I recall correctly chaff can include things other than husks ... but if you were to sift the husks out then I don't see why you couldn't use any chaff from any grains to get the additive you seek.

What you would likely need to do is compare sizes of the two to make sure you are getting something similar to the replacement before jumping to the full process ... I really have no idea how much of a difference it would make if you used smaller chaff vs larger for example and it is something you might want to test. Also it could be chaff from one grain maybe absorbs water more than another and that could throw off any formulas you are using in creating the floor which require strict measurement.

As for getting it for free or cheap ... it is often used in cattle feed so it will likely have a price associated with it. I wouldn't let this stop you from asking. If you know the quantity you need call around and see what local sources will give you ;)

I suspect this might be best done in person as they likely have a waste bin of sorts with stuff they can't sell they would be willing to give you.
3 weeks ago

Drove past a couple of the properties near sunset and observed the landscape and thought my process of using the solar aspect map I created could be wrong as it doesn't account for shadows :/ The sun went down at 230 at that location and cam up at 830 ... if it was a flat plain it should be 730am and 4pm for sunrise and set.

So I created a shadow map for 830 - 1530 in 1 hour increments, layered them on top of each other, then compared them to previous indicators I was using.

I have attached the shadow map overlay along with the solar aspect map and slope map (I was looking for low spots which might get sun)

It would seam most all spots which are "white" or don't have color on the shadow map include the solar aspect slopes ... I expect I will find a couple of south facing slopes which don't fall into this category .
3 weeks ago
Is it coming on at a specific time of day ? (aka SLT mode) or does it happen every X number of days?

Can you confirm the generator mode (press green gen menu button) has an underline under OFF and not AUTO / EQ / ON?

3 weeks ago

Stacy Wright wrote:Thanks for the reply!
What is BBB?

BBB = Boar Bristle Brush

combing just detangles hair and will do little to move oil / sebum from the scalp down the length of hair. To do this people who have long hair turn to something called a boar bristle brush ... if you google long hair community forum there are a ton of threads about methods of brushing / how often / why / cleaning brush / etc.

You could do it when the hair is wet or dry but for best results I suggest dry hair and if you do it at a fixed frequency it can "replace" washing as it will remove dirt a bit as well if you keep your brush clean ;)

Stacy Wright wrote:
I'm going to wait and see how long it takes before my hair gets greasy again. Day 3, and it's still good.
Filtered water does make sense with the rinse. I have hard water and I'm sure those minerals bog my hair down.

The way I would do it is prep the filtered water and vinegar in a large deep bowl and place it outside the shower / bath whatever. Then after showering and turning off water bring the bowl into the shower and dip my head into a couple times being careful not to tangle it in the process.  Each time I would let it slowly drip out a bit then use my hands to help it or the BBB and do it again ... I did it about 5 or 7 times with the last time ringing out all the water ... I often made this water cold as well to help close the follicles of the scalp and hair.

Oh, and when you dip if you don't cover your scalp in this process you will need to bring a measuring cup or something similar to pour it over your scalp as well :D

Any new process requires time to adjust though ... diet is another key factor and changes there can really affect what happens at your scalp :/
3 weeks ago
So is the idea to force the hedge into thinking it needs to send roots out by first slashing it then laying it down near the ground so it can put out runners?

What types of trees make hedges like this ?

Had to look up billhook ... never saw one before (or a slasher for that matter) ... who knew there were so many !

Looks like they are till being made today in the UK :D
3 weeks ago
Haven't tried it but I have been water only ... and BBB only before.

Are you getting good brushing sessions in with your hair?

The key for me was to have a good bore bristle brush and to use it multiple times a day to distribute the oils in the hair from the scalp. Once your scale "calms down" you won't have to do it as often ... but that might not be true depending on your genetics.
I "wash" my hair only when it gets dirty ... from touching it with dirty hands which is rarely ... maybe once every 2 months if that. For me this means allowing the water from my shower to touch my head long enough to remove the dirt then doing a rinse with filter water and ACV
Most of the day though my hair is up in a bun as it is classical length and too much to deal with when down.
3 weeks ago

bruce Fine wrote:what state are you looking

We are located in NH and at the start of winter with 9F temps and 8"  of snow

Most all these properties which have a road installed were likely put in by a logging company so they are not too steep and often put in at ridge lines and or on contour.
We are looking for southern facing slopes as we are going to install a ZED (Zero energy Design home ... basically something that will pass a Passive Haus standard with ease) ... haven't decided on fuel sources yet but I am a fan of burning your own wood if you can ... especially if it is part of maintenance on a property.

Crime rate where we are at is low but we do tend to talk to neighbors before moving into areas or talk to the county sheriff and or police as both are close to use at our current location.

bruce Fine wrote:
sometimes an old farm with buildings, well, power, driveways, fencing are less expensive than vacant land that has been clearcut logged with no driveway, power or internet access with closest neighbors being meth producing addicts. depending on where your looking
you might want to visit property and try and meet neighbors before plunking down your hard earned treasury notes

Yeah our current place was a steal of a deal  ... but it cost a TON to heat during the winter ... I am talking 4 525 gallon tanks of heating oil a season :/ Built in 1800's ... great temporary location and future rental but it isn't what we are looking to stay in for life. Installing a wood burning stove this year to help offset the cost of the oil.

We want to build super efficient ... one property we saw back in January was of interest to us but it lacked internet ... basically a run down trailer on site with septic / well / power / 5-8 acres facing SE nearly 100% wooded 43k ... 0__0 Even the listing was like "the deal is the infrastructure not the actual structure"

The areal imagery was shot with the leaves off in fall or spring ... most green vegetation you see is coniferous trees or grass. We get something like 81in of snow a year and even have a "mud" season so it certainly can get wet here.
Property 2 was previously logged and has roads and apparently even a well house installed on site (trying to confirm location of the well) ... there is indeed a valley on the west side of the property which could server to bring water into the landscape ... I had planned to put a high dam on the north west part of the properties (since it is both) and work it down from there depending where other assets are in place right now.

Thank you both for your thoughtful replies and for sharing your experience!
3 weeks ago
Hello William,
I was curious how big is the area you are covering with aircrete ?
Is the floor under where the aircrete will rest dry year round or do you plan on put down some plastic or other membrane first?
Who's recipe are you going to follow for the insulated floor?
3 weeks ago