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hello! im trying to make a small hugulcultur bed. i dug ~50cm and threw some dry wood inside.
the soil i dug is poor i belive. im in south israel 3km from the mediterranean sea.
the bed is between the house and the lawn.

i thougt i could add some: cow-manure, hay, and garden waste to the soil, and it will be fine,
but now i read that manure should be composted before mixing into the soil. because of bacterias and such.
can it be composted inside the ground? should i put the cow-dung only in the deep, and use normal compost( that cost money ) in the upper part of the bed?
i can get the cow manure from a dairy farm, they keep the manure in big sunken platforms so i can get to the "old" part of the shit were it is quite dry.
i need to plant in september.

6 years ago
thanks everyone!!
the problem with grey water is that its not my house, its my parents house.
1. so, im thinking about half buried half raized hugulkultur, i can't dig really deep there.
i have accses to : hay and cow manure (dairy farm) , i could find wood, and garden waste.
2. wicking beds looks cool, i think i won't put the plastic sheet under the soil, the buried wood will help not loosing the water right?
3. you guys think i should try the underground watering pipe like in wicking beds? is it to keep the water from evaporating? will it be effective without the plastic under the soil?
4. how to start finding out what to plant?
6 years ago
thank you!!! its very helpful!
im in the south of isreal, in the northen 'negev', 3 km from the mediterranean sea.
it does make more sense to me to dig and bury and not making a very raized bed.
ill read more about it, should i google 'hugelkultur' or it has another name?
so besides that all i need to fighure is what to plant? how should i start doing that?
i understood i should wait to september and then there are lots of things i can plant.
6 years ago
hello. i have a small area, about 10' to 4' width and 16' long.
by north wall, grass growing around it.
its summer here in israel.
i want to try permaculture technichs and grow edibles.
where to start? what technichs can i use? what to do with the soil? should i try hugelkultur or somthing else?
thank you very much! i will be glad to add more info.
6 years ago