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Recent posts by Julie Bernhardt

I will keep her then. I think the cork kept it alive. I have bottles with metal caps that are 2 and 3 years old and the mother has not grown at all in them.

Thanks for the quick reply.😊
1 month ago
Found this way in the back of the pantry.
Its from 2016
Do you think its still good?
I like the mother”worm” created by the bottle neck, lol
1 month ago
Thank you!

I will probably have them in the moving truck so they will be in a hot dry truck in the dark for a couple days.
I used to dip bearded iris in a bucket of water with a splash of bleach in it before mailing them. I hope that kills any borers that might be hiding. I’ve never had any pests on my daylilies. I got a daylily mail order that had a red worm on it once.
2 months ago
Oh I have to try the watermelon recipe!

I love watermelon but Im the only one in the house that does and since I cant eat a whole one I just never buy it anymore.
2 months ago
The part where they get slimey is what worries me.

I just want to take small fans. I know that dividing rejuvenates the plants but I don’t want the people that bought the house to see it as me taking something they bought so I was hoping to take so little that they couldn’t tell I took any.

I was hoping that I could dig them a week before the move as I would have more time.

Still not sure whether to keep them bare root or plant in buckets of soil, sand or peatmoss.

2 months ago
A ginger bug is just shredded organic ginger, water and sugar that you let ferment and use to make ginger ale.
You replenish it with more shredded ginger and sugar.

I have not named my cultures but now I’m going to have to. Lol
2 months ago
I have a grafted english walnut tree that has several dead branches this year.
It has always done well before.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and what I can do for the tree?

Different this year is that we had a late frost that killed off new growth this spring. All my other plants have recovered from that.
Also I usually spray my trees with neem oil and this year I haven’t.
I have been growing horse radish, daylilies and one blackberry plant under it. This year the horseradish has really taken over.

I used to grow tomatoes near it but A couple years ago I stopped planting tomatoes there and am now   growIng blackberries in that bed.
2 months ago
I am moving from Indiana to New Mexico. I presently have a ginger bug and a sourdough cultures going.
Should I try to move them in a cooler or just let them go and start new cultures in the new environment ?
2 months ago
I am moving across country in a couple weeks. I would like to take a few fans of my favorite daylillies and bearded iris with me.
It will take us 2 days to drive from Indianapolis to Las Crucis.

When should I dig up the fans and trim them? I have mailed plants before bare but not in the heat of summer.
Should I leave them bare and dry, bare wrapped in damp newspaper or replant them in pots in sand potting soil or peat moss?

Same questions about the bearded iris.

Also, after I get there should I plant in pots where they are shaded, part shaded or just plant them in the ground where they will stay?

Can I keep them alive a day or 2 before planting or do I need to get them planted first, then move my furniture in?
2 months ago
I haven’t strained the oil yet. I teally should do that tomorrow. I also tinctured some of it that also need to be strained.

I suffer from tennis elbow and my fingers ache.  I’ll start using  the oil and taking some of the tincture. Then I’ll post here what my experience  is in a couple weeks
10 months ago