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The Absorba-cide has been returned and am looking into the alternative product. Thank you.
7 years ago
apologies in advance though I would like confirmation, please... I have read some (not all) and am a little anxious about the product, a first time purchase to feed to horses. I asked for DE by full name and a local product was recommended by the name of Absorba-cide - that's the one they sell. It's the '-cide' part which has me a little concerned but then reading the article on this website can understand it as a "natural" non chemical to exoskeleton bugs etc the product is mainly bagged for. The MSDS sheet states:

Composition: Diatomaceous earth, which is a natural product, derived from the remains of freshwater plankton. The product contains less than 4% ingredients respirable crystalline silica.
Chemical : Powder
Ingredients Name CAS Proportion
Diatomaceous earth 61790-53-2 96%
Silica as quartz and cristobalite 14808-60-7 <4%
Other information Mineralogy
Amorphous silica as diatom microfossils generally 96%, cristobalite and quartz generally less than 4%

Some places sell the diatomaceous earth (food grade) mixed with other stuff. And that is something I do not recommend. When I see a label that says "97% diatomaceous earth" I have to wonder what the other 3% is. If the packaging is about killing bugs, is it some sort of toxin? Did they add something like borates or pyrethrin for a little extra kick? I don't want that!

... so... along with the "~cide" in the name, is it best to return this product (Absorba-cide) and aim for a purer DE?

thank you

The mine returned the phone call and stated that Absorba-cide wasn't the best for feeding. The better form would be a coarser product. The mine rep stated that that product would be 98% DE.
7 years ago