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Recent posts by Isaiah Ari Mattathias

I'm looking for a solar system and was wondering if anyone can recommend companies/providers/contractors in Oregon? Thank you
5 years ago
Presently I have a wood stove and everything in the double wide is electric (no gas connections out here).
I was wondering what I should get in terms of survival stuff for a family of 6? Let's say a 6 month food/water/necessities prep?
I have lots of canned food/fruits and Augason Farms type things, but wondering if there are any better that are more nutrient dense/healthy?
Also, I've held off for a long time and am at the point where I really need a stove and a dishwasher- are there any products out there i should consider (most efficient for example)?
Just seeking general direction. Thank you
5 years ago
Thanks for your reply. Are there any ready to build kits out there for this, or is it more of a custom job?
5 years ago
Hope I am posting in the correct sub-forum. I am interested in making my own plant amendments in powder form. I am wondering what I can grow, and how I could go about growing and processing it into powder form so that it's then bottled and preserved for use in gardening/farming for the food highest potency/nutrient value? Thank you
5 years ago
I have a feeling I'm in the right forum- badumpsh!!
I'm looking to get a greenhouse, like asap, something that I can grow in year round.
What do I need to do in terms of preparation- obviously flat land? Do I go with concrete slab, or rock or?
I am in Oregon and it can get down to about 20 degrees- but I'd like to plan for colder just to be safe, is this wise or a waste of money?
Lastly, where do I look? Which companies? Should I find a kit and have a contractor assist me? Are there any good, permie approved plants out there anyone wants to share? Thanks a bunch!
5 years ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:The hemp used for fiber is the Cannabis Sativa, Not legal to grow in the USA at the federal level, some states have opted to allow the growing of it for medicinal Pot, under license. Interestingly, there is a Cannabis species that is fiber only but it falls under the same classification as marijuana in the USA and so is illegal to grow at this time.

True on the federal level, however there are states legalizing for agricultural purposes, Oregon being one of them (for $1500 anyway, plus the fee for the state to test to ensure .003thc on less). DEA has not prosecuted any farms for agricultural uses..
5 years ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:50 lb.bag currently on sale for @90 bucks a bag. Also sunn hemp seed again 90 bucks a bag.

This is a really good forage for deer, they love it. It grows tall so you can chop and drop it several times during the growing season. I would chop it and let the chickens have at the mulch layer so they can turn it into compost.

Ahh now I see the difference! This looks amazing, the protein and nitrogen etc, thanks for the resource. I wonder also about viable hemp, like that used for hempcrete, hemp hearts, clothing etc. Maybe another thread altogether, but this certainly taught me something new.
5 years ago
Subscribed! Highly debating this here in Oregon. Yes to build soil, for composting, as experimental pig/chicken fodder, but I'd really like to:
find bulk seed sources
find ways of cultivating/harvesting on a small scale (say 5 acres)
find buyers
Tips appreciated
learn how to turn it into viable products... I think it would work as a tool in a diverse permaculture system. I have some land on a flat mountain top that is only about an inch of soil, with rock below. i wonder if a few slashings and composting of hemp, followed by chickens and goats would help build top soil? Off hand I can't think of anything that would grow so vigorously and so dense, so quick.
5 years ago

Amy Woodhouse wrote:No, you don't need a kiln but it will speed things up. Wood takes about a year for each inch of thickness to dry for use in furniture....less for exterior use (cedar). You could build a kiln that could handle say 1000 bf every two months and try to sell it dry at retail. That's how your going to make the most money. Whatever you do, I would not let a logger take those logs off the will get taken advantage of.

This is probably a whole other subject, but how would a tiny operation like this compete with HD or one of the other big operations in the area selling the same wood with custom cutting on-site etc?
Seems like a very long time to recoup, especially if needing to build the kiln and put out $ for the other tradesmen to do their work. Ahhh why does this have to be such an adventure lol.
Traveling mill- nearest I could find said I'm too far away, which is normally the case for anything as I'm pretty far out lol. . Thanks for chiming in, this all helps with planning, My hope is I don't have to wait until next Spring.
6 years ago
Completing my first PDC I'm really thinking about non-profit and/or intentional community.
I'm far from socialist, I'm actually a private person. I have an ego, but I'm open to others. But when thinking of eco-village, what is it really like?
On one hand it's a hard concept, coming from nothing (poverty essentially) as a kid, working hard, buying that plot of land I dreamed of (I dreamed of any land outside of a city, quiet, with no ambulance or shooting lol), only to essentially "give it away" to the cause (which is everyone).
Does setting up an IC, village or non-profit mean the founder has no rights to it? I understand the decision making process is done as a community typically. How would I make sure my family maintains a roof over their head?
Who handles the ultimate finances such as taxes, mortgage etc? I'm assuming everyone is entitled to community upkeep, maintenance, helping with training or whatever duties/fees are established, not for profit but for benefit of community.
I'm just come to the realization that if ever I want to expand to what I truly want to accomplish (even if 10 years down the road), I can't do it all alone, doing as a community is the only way as I work full time, have kids to care for and income only stretches so far.
6 years ago