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C.K. Williams

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since Jun 25, 2013
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Recent posts by C.K. Williams

C.K. Williams wrote:Never Ever Burn a Brush Pile Next to an Embankment!

A "Meet the Fokkers" Memorial Day Weekend results in lessons in Forest Fire-Fighting.  The Bucket Brigade is Alive & Well!  But the USDA Forest Service Ranger was none too pleased.  The local Volunteer Fire Department was impressed with our resourcefulness.

Note to self:  A Burn Permit is REQUIRED!  And if you're gonna burn - do it in a clear open space.

Best solution is Hugelculture mounds.

2020 Edit: February 2015 Hugelkultur  
3 months ago

C.K. Williams wrote:Zone 1: Terracing Hillside for Kitchen Garden Beds using Black Locust logs & stakes with a little rebar mixed in...

Parting ways with Google...  Herewith the original photos:
3 months ago

C.K. Williams wrote:1st Hugelkultur Bed...

Updating since Google & I are parting ways...Picasa/Google+/Google Photos.  See attached for original photos.
3 months ago
Thank you, s. ayalp, for this informative and inspiring post!  I've been struggling for some time to determine the next best move to continue the transformation of my hillside.  My terraces were cut in 3-1/2 years ago and poke weed and brambles quickly took over.  With your very detailed post I now know how to do the next right thing.  I will link to my progress posts here soon.

Thank you again!
3 months ago