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Recent posts by Jared Stanley

I supposed the proper thing to have done is watched all videos from front to back, read every reply on this thread and then comment.

I haven't done those things.

Perhaps I misunderstood. The little tiny bit of watching I did to make sure the file downloaded properly seemed to be the old videos. Are these just digital copies of the old videos with the new material to follow, or is the new material nested inside these someplace?

Thanks Paul.
4 years ago
Any info on time to germination? I followed the hot-water regimen outlined on the seed I purchased, but it is going on 3 weeks and no sign of a sprout. Am I being impatient or do you think it should have come up by now?
4 years ago
We have a cogongrass concern on our property, and of course it's right under fruit trees and on swales.

It was suggested that geese might help control it. Have you ever seen such a plan be successful?

Here's the video:

5 years ago
I'm sure others have concerns that they hope are addressed but thought it worth adding that for those such as myself, I am satisfied.

I backed at a mid-ish level and while I am eager to receive the videos once they are completed, all of the add-ons you kept putting together are just what you say - candy.

If that candy goes bad, so be it - but I'm sure 3 days is enough time for me to find time to sit down and click on a few links and let my PC do some downloading.

Thanks Paul & team.
Well, I realize that I might be asking for a lot so let me try another approach.

Can anyone cite some examples of intentional communities that I can research and learn about?

5 years ago
I am the same concerns as the OP and additionally am worried about weight.
5 years ago
I am looking to brainstorm / collaborate with someone who can advise about the hurdles and challenges of developing an intentional community.

A friend has advised me that 2 parcels adjacent to him (25 and 33 acres) have been placed on the market. We both love the idea of developing the property into a permaculture community, but are unsure where to start.

Simply stated, Neither of us have the capital to invest in the physical land itself. An obvious challenge.

We are unsure if there might be people who would make an investment on the property, or if we can pre-sell sites on an undeveloped location or what approach might actually work.

If anybody can assist or point me toward reputable resources it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.
5 years ago
I ran across this post: https://permies.com/t/36208/rocket-stoves/Rocket-Scalder, but my engineering skills are lacking to assist my imagination to figure out how to complete such a build.

Does anyone have further information about using a rocket mass stove to heat water to the point of using it as a scalder for poultry that will be processed in a plucker machine?

Thanks in advance,

6 years ago
Hello again! Here is my overview of the Aquaculture week of study:

6 years ago
Hello again! Here is my overview of the Aquaculture week of study: