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Martin Bernal

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since Jun 08, 2013
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Recent posts by Martin Bernal

a freind of mine gave me 12 half gallon mason jars that had pool shock stored in them. the lids where on tight and rusted through. pool shock when down the toilet as I live in the city. I have washed the jars thoughly with very hot water and a bottle brush but the stains will not come off  even with heavy scrubbing.

Any ideas on what to use these jars for with rust stains?

Any ideas on how to remove the rust stains. I am curious what gasoline will do. my dad has a rust remover solovent.
1 month ago
I used to play a lot of video games,, No more. I have not owned a TV in more than 8 years now. sometimes I get sucked into youtube, but not so much any more. they only time I watch TV is when I go see my dad, and I watch/listen to it very breifly. I bacloy down watch/ read/listenm to the the news/ fear porn anymore.

when you drop the TV from your lifesyle, your productiity goes up a lot and causes you to value your time a lot more from what I found.
1 month ago
I have a half baked though. please help me hash it out.

If i put coffee grounds into a fertilizer spreader, will it spread them or just clog up where fertilizer comes from? i was thinking about doing this in a an open field. I dont have one to test the idea with... yet.
5 months ago
yesterday I gave away 1 scoby to a freind of mine. but I  flushed down the toilet a half gallon jar full of them., what can I do with my extra scobies besides giving them away?
11 months ago
On our family's ranch, customers buy a whole cow. a mobile butcher comes out and  does the work. the left overs are the hide, head and a the insides. The rest goes to the meat locker to be processed for the customer. I like the cheeks and tongue, but have never cooked a whole head. we have a stainless steel pot that is maybe 15-20 gallons.

I am wondering what anyone's experiences has been cooking a whole cows head in a large pot. looking for cook times, prep times and how many pounds of meat you get. I would can this or freeze it.
1 year ago
curious what everyone's thoughts are on using black locust for a deck on an equipment trailer? a friend of mine wants to use oak but finding strait oak around California can be hard to come by.  does anyone have any experience with this?
After multiple failures from different watering system. I want to try useing a float valve and an old sink. This would be used for chickens.

The question is, what do I have to buy to plug this sink, or any sink or bathtub in general. Lots of sink can be found on Craigslist for free around big cities.

This is the float cable that I bought.

1/2 Inch NPT Mini Float Ball Valve Kit Automatic Fill Feed Humidifier Tank Pond Shut Off Water Float Ball Valve, 2 Pack
1 year ago
Spoke with a sales rep from Mission Clay in Oakland, CA. He is interested in alternative uses for clay pipe. Someone made a wine storage container out of a huge peice of their pipe and put it in The ground. They have factory seconds that I can look at.

Oakland is about a 1 hour drive from where I am.
1 year ago
Standard 5-gallon pails made by United States Plastic Corporation are 14.5 inches high, 11.91 inches in diameter at the top and 10.33 inches in diameter at the bottom. The buckets are slightly tapered for ease of stacking and separat

14.5 inches high. That’s the info I am looking for.
1 year ago
Does anyone know where I can find metal coffee cans? There is a restaurant that gets there diced tomatoes in #10 cans. Trying to think of other places that I can get metal cans from.

Some restaurants
Painters or painter supply stores
Roofing companies (tar)
1 year ago