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I have this baby chick that is about 10 days old. She has a large amount of poop hanging from her butt. I tried wiping it off and it seems to just sit there. Not sure what to do her or how to address the situation. Any advice would be appreciated.

Internet here is lame. I will try to upload some pictures.
2 weeks ago
they ahve an aomatic door. I can set the time as to when the door opens and closes. I do not live on site but go out there once or twice a day. there is no rooster.

the beding that I use is shredded paper, no one will read your documents when it is covered in chicken poop. we also have a lot of loose hay straw around. I can get loose hay from the feed store for free. we also have some burlap coffee sacks that I can line the bottom of the nest boxes with. nest boxes are white plastic fruit crates, plenty of room for them.

they have plenty of opportunists to take dust baths a a well.

the cut off date for placing an order with a local hatchery is 10/28 this year. I will be placing an order with them. when I place an order I will make sure to order some roosters.
2 months ago
I am looking for a egg lay breed recommendation

I had 9 white leghorns recently, then it went down to 8. now I am suddenly at 4. these chickens that I have are white leghorns. I not sure if there is a breed characteristics but the seem to like to roost in places outside of the coop. This makes them accessible to animals that find them tasty. we have a number of barns at the ranch and with no doors and plenty of stuff in there for them to roost on. some infor on their coop.
there is organic scratch, water, nesting boxes and a roost for themselves

any input is appreciated.
2 months ago
I would do an order of 12. Santa Clara county has 7 Library branches. curious how many copies they would want.
I have had this cage hanging for a while. I thought I would share with you what it looks like and where I got everything from.

My neighbor is a residential fencing contractor. the 4x4's that I build this out of are redwood. I got them all for free from him. from time to time I still get free lumber from him. The cage was something lying around the ranch. the lag bots are very long, if I recall they are about 1.00 USD a piece. I got those for free as well, a friend of mine gave them to me. The tote that catches manure at the bottom is a 100 gallon ABS plastic tote. I got 5 or 6 of those for free from a neighbor that needed some help cleaning out a his property. it catches majority of the manure. I put some sawdust in there to control the odder some. it attracts fly's right now because of the misters. there is a shovel close by and some buckets that I get for free to put the wet stuff in. I still need to put up some plastic so the dropping from the left and right side go into the bin. I also put up some wool blankets so no sun hits the rabbits. the misters I got for free as well.

I did hang some 80% shade cloth to drop the temperature some as they are on the west side where I live and face the sun the ground is concrete I can feel a difference in the concrete that gets hit directly by the sun vs the concrete covered by shade cloth. planning on getting some kiwis and planting some sunflowers in the mean time to shade them some more. hanging the shade cloth was not cheap. each grommet got a some hardware so it could be hung 3 X 29+ %9.00 is not a cheap. over kill yes, but it does not sag which is not every appealing. The cable was free, a farmer friend loaned me a spoil. The shade cloth is not secured to the ground or around the sides as it will catch a lot of wind my concern is that it will rip. I did not have to drill and hole is the awning, I ran cable through the roof. Depending on where  you put the wire rope clam, you can secure the cable to the far left and right side so it will not move around in the wind. I still need to cover up the ends of the cable with some duck tape so the cable cant rip the shade cloth.

The watering system is for quail. that needs to be switch out for rabbits. the J feeds i got for free as well, cant remember from where though.

My neighbor bought some 1 dozen eggs from me today for 6 bucks. she wants a dozen more in 2 weeks.

5 months ago

I just hung some shade cloth for my meat rabbits as the only available space in on the west side of the house for them. I am looking for a perennial fruit bush that will climb lattice and keep its leafs during the summer.
I am in USDA zone 9B. In the mean time I going to be planting sunflowers again to provide the rabbits more shade. I was young in this photo, I am 6 feet 5 inches tall.
thank you for your feedback. cat pool goes in the dumpster where I live.
1 year ago
my girlfriend moved in a couple of weeks ago. she brought her cat here too. Right now the cat is an in door cat. I am  looking an alternative to the cat litter that you normal buy at the grocery store. something free or super low cost like sawdust or shredded paper bits. does anyone have an experience with this?
1 year ago
Put a piece of cardboard around each side if stored in a dry environment.
1 year ago
all that was required was a crowbar and 2 people. could have been down with one person. I will post pictures in a different thread when the project is finished. basically I want to do BLSL, duck weed and earth worms to feed chickens. I do farmers markets and I am friend with someone who owns a farm. there is a meat market that cuts off a lot of fat. they give me the fat for free.

this is what I got for free. I have a total of 6. 5 in the system that I want to build
1 year ago