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I'm really starting to love this permaculture growing and relation of simple living.
canada ontario
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You would have to estimate for shrinkage looking for a tighter fit, saw guy who was making a frame with greener wood, part of his process was caulking the gaps, just used hand tools for the whole process was part of a teaching class in building, very interesting and lots of work.
7 years ago
Robinia pseudo-acacia
(pea family)

TOXICITY RATING: High to moderate.

ANIMALS AFFECTED: Horses are particularly at risk, but all animals ingesting the plant may be poisoned.

DANGEROUS PARTS OF PLANT: Leaves, especially wilted leaves, young shoots, pods, seeds, inner bark.

CLASS OF SIGNS: Depression, poor appetite, weakness, paralysis, abdominal pain, diarrhea (which may be bloody) and abnormalities in the heart rate and/or rhythm. Death is possible.

PLANT DESCRIPTION: These moderate-sized trees with rough bark often bear two short spines at the base of each leafstalk (easiest to see on young leaves). Leaves are alternate and pinnately compound with oval, entire leaflets (fig. 48). The fragrant flowers are creamy white, sweet-pea-like, and arranged in long drooping clusters. The fruit is a flat brown pod which contains kidney-shaped beans (fig. 48A). Black locusts are common in well-drained woods, thickets, and waste areas, especially in the southeastern part of the state. They are often planted along highways and fencerows as ornamentals and for erosion control.

- See more at:
7 years ago
Huckleberries are acid-loving plants. The optimum soil pH appears to be about 4.0 to 5.5 (7.0 is neutral). In a few cases, V. membranaceum has been found on sites with pH values near 7.0. If your soil pH lies between 5.5 and 7.0, consider acidifying the soil before planting by applying agricultural sulfur and regularly fertilizing with an acidifying fertilizer, such as ammonium sulfate. For sites where the pH is 7.0 or above, commercial huckleberry production will be difficult or impossible.
Huckleberry species do not appear to tolerate extremely cold winter temperatures without snow cover. They should be grown where there is consistently one to two feet of snow, where winter temperatures are moderate, or where the plants can be protected when the temperatures drop to 0o F or below.
Avoid planting in a frost pocket. Huckleberries bloom in early spring and the blossoms are susceptible to frost damage. The wood and mature leaves are quite frost tolerant in the spring, although the tips of new shoots can easily be killed by frost. On potentially frosty sites, be prepared to provide frost protection during bloom when temperatures fall below 28o F.
I heard of a guy who took a pine tree off a guys property for a Christmas tree so the guy seen them drive off and followed him back to his house and took out his chain saw and cut one his trees down and than drove off.
"Ignorance is never bliss"
the crap site
The Waterless Composting Toilet very interesting information with some history
7 years ago
Yes I think they will last a fairly long time when done correctly, if not past one's life time you can also cover the barrel with decorative metal skins I do like the copper wrapped around the barrel, I can see it transition heat quite effectively. If the drum radiated glowing hot than cooling that is quite stressing on a thin gauge metal, you can look at it like smoking a pipe, where the carbon forms in the bowel, making a carbon bowel which allows the pipe to last forever with periodic maintenance so if the barrel and piping has a nice thin layer of carbon performs the same function.
7 years ago
Well you could look at it as working the scythe arms or scythe muscle groups, the permaculture zombiest will use the heads for one to keep invaders out of you garden, ankle bitters they will eats the slugs all the slow moving unwanted from the garden, you could also make some nice fencing with all the arms, the other aspect think of all that bone meal!
7 years ago
I check another form, beside large flock of crows, a dog that grows with the chickens or a large pen area with netting.
7 years ago
I'm not sure of this design, as little research went into the requirements needed for poop to break down, I added glass on the top for heat acting as a dryer & possible to speed up the process breaking down, or one could add black plastic 6 to 10 inches below the glass to prevent UV from harming the bacteria thus giving heat & humidly I know the end result for compost is more powdered like & dry crumbly.
Urine water is filtered through a sand filter.
I would also design different for winter more insulation and heating system from the main house to prevent freezing ect, dried Moss sporangia works well for ass wipe as well

7 years ago
Does cedar chips or cedar dust help with clothes moth?