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Belfair WA
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My family and I currently live in Belfair, WA. 3 acres with garden, chicken, ducks, rabbits.

Farmer's market in Belfair is pitiful and called Saturday market because there are usually no farmers in it. Well one, but he usually sells flower and a few vegies ( Near by in Port Orchard is a much bigger one but I do not get there much. The growing climate here changes every half mile. My last frost date is 2 weeks later than a friend down the road.

A lot of people raise and grow their own animals, enough to support 2 feed store. A lot of people sell eggs.

There are currently a lot of nice 5+ acre sites for sale. I am actually looking for something different in the area as well. How about a 6 acre property bisected by a road (not well traveled) with 160' of salt water tide flats for $99K? Undeveloped lots can go for 30-50K for 5 acres.

PM me if you would like and I would be willing to give you my contact information. It would be easier to give you the good and the over a phone conversation.
They spread by rhizomes and are nearly impossible to get rid of. Here in the PNW they can be a big problem. If anyone can tell me another use for them other than as a scrubber I would like to know.
5 years ago
I had my 10 year daughter harvest some nettle leaves on Sunday. We cooked them up with avocado oil and garlic. We added some extra water to get a steam effect. We all loved them, including my two 8 year old girls.

I also used them in nettle and goat cheese frittata and keep some dried ones to added to soups and such.

My rabbits like them to after the wilt a bit.
5 years ago
This is suppose to be a true call-in to a radio show!
Deer Crossing Signs
5 years ago
You do not have to keep them males separate, but you may have surprises. Most people keep them separate so they know when the kid will be coming.
Hard question to answer. First off I would say no, but with proper rotation possibly. Also depending where you are, the winter months will require extra feed. Also remember that goats would rather browse than graze.

Two females can quickly become 2 females and 2-6 kids. You need have a plan for the kids.

Where do you plan on housing the male? This will probably require an additional area, with constant supplemental feeding.
Part of the vinegar/salt theory is that it changes the soil to become to acidic and saline to grow anything. it is best used for walkways and such. Wife loves the stuff.
How about not preventing them but using them.
-Dandelions - eat or chop and drop (great dynamic accumulator)
-Just found out one of the "weed" is pigweed (araramathus sp.) now I eat it
-weeds can provide green manure
- weed can provide weed suppression.

My favorite garden tool is a D-hoe. I use it to chop and drop with out ruining soil structure.

The only weed I do not like is buttercups, but the sheep seem to so I am OK.
What other material can be used for the hoops?

Here in the PNW I have lots of cedar, but not much Oak. I have Fir, Hemlock, Maple and Alder.

thanks in advance.
6 years ago
I am just down the hill from you all, on Old Belfair Hwy. Be happy to meet and greet sometime.
6 years ago