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John Paul Smajda

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since May 31, 2013
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Hey all,
I had a "wild" idea. I want to start raising rabbits eventually. My thoughts were doing a rabbit tractor (or rabbit tractors,) allowing them to graze on grass in the fields.

After listening to some stories about it taking some a few generations to get their rabbits back onto eating grass, assimilated to my ecology, and weaned off of unnatural inputs, I was thinking that it I would really have to do some research into the breeds and history of the rabbits I acquire. Then it occurred to me.

Why don't I just trap some local rabbits that have been eating wild/grass, are already assimilated to my ecology, and have survived without any unnatural inputs? Trap a few bucks and does, and start domesticating them? They should be very resilient to disease and the elements and fairly healthy right? It kind of seems like it would be the permaculture way? Also, down the line, I could introduce new genetics to the line by trapping a few more doe's.

Sure, they might not be as big as the common meat rabbit species, but I think they would be healthier. I think I heard Joel Salatin say that is the only trait to look for when selecting genetics. Not meat, not coat, but health. Eventually I could start selecting some of the larger bucks and does for selective breeding.

Any thoughts??
8 years ago

Thats me in the background abusing my responsibilities as volunteer A/V guy, sticking out my tongue and photobombing Geoff and Paul!! I was trying to give Paul Rabbit ears but im not tall enough I guess.
8 years ago
Ok, very very last minute. I can book a room at

La Quinta Inn & Suites Temecula
27330 Jefferson Ave Temecula, CA 92590 US

Two Queen Beds w/Microwave & Fridge
Free High-Speed Internet Access
Free Bright Side Breakfast®
Bright Morning Pillow Top Beds
Convenient Work Desk
Microwave & Mini Refrigerator
Coffee Maker
Iron w/Ironing Board
Free Local Calls
Alarm Clock

I will also be renting a car to go back and forth. Its 15 min away from the conference. A few Gas bucks would be appreciated.

Wednesday night check in through Sunday Morning check out for $512 plus tax.

If there are two of you that want to share a queen, and you can paypal me the money this afternoon, I will go ahead and book.
If there are two more of you that would like to share the queen, I'd be down for that as well.

As for rates. If two of you want to claim the other bed, get in touch with me and I'd ask for $300 plus whatever tax we accrue (we'll settle that when we get there)
If we want to sneak one person in with a sleeping bag on top of that, I'd ask for $150 with $100 of that going to the two people who claimed the other bed.
If two more people want to claim the other bed and kick me on the floor. I'd ask for $200 with $100 going to the two people who claimed the other bed.
In all these scenario's i'd split the tax and fees to be split evenly by the people in the room.
8 years ago
So I just moved into my first non-furnished apartment and I should probably find things that will help people sit down comfortably.

So as I desided put a little thought into what I am bringing into the house. The wood floors are stained, so I desided to go with a bunch of area rugs. I don't think they are scotch guarded. How about couches? Rugs? Flooring. We aborb things in our bodies via skin and I like walking around barefoot. Mattresses etc. this is a new thought for me. I am especially intersted in couches
8 years ago
I am down for splitting a rented house. I am just so busy right now that I cannot do all of The leg work. I can put down and forward the money for deposit tomorrow. I'd like to spend at the most $250 for Wednesday night through Monday morning. I am willing to be sleeping on my own blowup mattress. So if there's anybody out there trying to organize something please count me as somebody who is committed.

Again I can pay for the room and put down the deposit today or tomorrow.
8 years ago

Laine MacTague wrote:

John Paul Smajda wrote:
I'd be down for $45 a night. Just to be clear, which house are you talking about specifically??

Actually, this one
works out to about 38/night minimum, for 10 ppl 3 nights.

This one
Looks to be around 45-50 at this point.

aren't we looking for 5 nights? Wed- Monday Morning? I could to Wed through Sunday and sleep at the airport I guess.
8 years ago

Laine MacTague wrote:

Susan Cousineau wrote:... The second house (417074) claims a rate of $166.50/night if 4+ nights are booked, but it only sleeps 6 as opposed to 10 for the first listing.

Update - This one's (above) gone. It looks like Susan, M, & I would make 3 ppl for the one M listed. I'd be happy to get 5 more ppl & draw straws or whatever for beds - I'm more interested in being close to the conference, and spending minimally on accommodations, & I tend to sleep better on the floor in my bag, anyway. It sounds like a really nice house, with a lot of amenities (which likely none of us will have time to use). I explained to the manager about who we are & what we are there for - she thinks the owner would even be okay w 10 ppl in the house, considering the likelihood that we will make such light use of it. I think we might be able to negotiate that into a lower price for, say, 8 ppl. As it is, it looks to be working out to be about 45 / night / person, about 3 mi from the conference.

I would like to hear (asap) from more people interested in this. Are there any?

I'd be down for $45 a night. Just to be clear, which house are you talking about specifically??
8 years ago
Thanks Julia, The only other thing I saw going on in that tread is some camping in the other thread. I'm not so interested in that as I will be flying in.
8 years ago
I would like to sign up for a spot on the waiting list for a bed/place to sleep/place for me to set up an air mattress; shower; room share; fridge space; whatever!!! This would be totally cool. I would arrive Wednesday night and leave really early Monday morning.

I plan on arriving LAX 11pm On wednesday. I can also rent a car to get from LAX to the house, then shuttle people back and forth from the conference and house rental. I would need to make a 7am flight out of LAX on monday morning though.

I get a discount rate through budget, so I can rent
A hyundai accent for $120 or
A mid sized SUV for $300 for the 5 days.

In fact, if somebody else wants the discount code, you can message me

I know CeCe mentioned something about waiting around wednesday, but that might be to long of a wait...

Finally I might also require a pit stop at In&Out Wednesday night when I arrive.

How do I sign up??

Also, will my car rental be useful?

8 years ago