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Recent posts by David Hogan

Hello all.

I've got a favor to ask all you artsy folks, especially those of you that sculpt with soft materials.

I am making a large set of tools and would love to know what you think would make the ultimate kit.

Things like:
   How many items do you truly use? (12, 24, 36, 48,?)
   What type of wood should they be made of? ( hardwoods, softwoods, bamboo)
   What metals would you use? (aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, tempered steel, tool steel)
   Any cutting wires? (what gauges, piano wire, stainless, galvanized)
   What kinds of polymers? (Teflon, abs, acrylic)
   How would like them organized or packaged? (roll-up pouch, box, case they can clip into, pencil holder)
   Anything else you can think of? (skies the limit)

Just as important is what should be avoided?

While listening to a couple of friends complain about there is nothing of quality made anymore I told them to make what they wanted. They replied why don't I do it and sell them.


They are right. So step one is product research and design. This is why I ask for input from the folks that use the tools. Who better to ask?

Thanks a bunch for your constructive input,
6 years ago
I wonder if a good ol' tire plug would work. Slather a little rubber cement, silicone or goop on it, stuff it through the hole and trim flush after it dries. Then sun solder it for good measure.

Worth a try.
7 years ago
Old guy (to me and Im 49) struggling to load something in a huge box at Menards. I had to help him load and tie it down. Then I took his cart in for him.

Constantly hold open doors for people.

Pause to let people do their thing in vehicles so the parade of traffic doesn't hold them hostage.

Once a year quietly give the barista $20 for as many orders behind me as it will pay for.

Very old lady at grocery store in front of me had to decide between cat food and nasty canned people food. The total would have been $35 and change if I remember. She had a hard time putting back the cat food and left. I bought double the cat food and raced out and gave it to her.

My point is I am always doing very easy and simple things. Its effortless to be nice once you get in that mindset. What I spend on others annually is less than the price of a steak out on the town. I can cook at home once a year to boost someones day every now and again.

Be nice more often, it doesn't hurt. I promise
8 years ago
@E. Olsen

Hey thanks ! This looks pretty spiffy. I'm gonna plunk down the $29 and give it a go.

A book, video and a companion site should work well for me as many times just reading something doesn't cut it for me.

I will tell you how it goes as I do it here.

8 years ago

I hope this is the right place for this topic.

I have been using codecademy.com and askpython.com for the baby steps in teaching myself python 3.

I have a very simple project I am trying to write a program for an was wondering if there is anyone that would be willing to tutor me as I try and figure this out.

Thank you,
8 years ago

Its a bummer when your name or idea is already used.
Hello All

Im finally DONE with the Bakken and I could almost cry. But, it has allowed my family to get where it needs to be.

This June (2016) we are moving to Flathead County. I figured it would be hard landing a job before moving there but the hardest part is locating a place to live.

So I figured I would ask here for possible help.

I am looking for three things...

1) A job. Welder/Fabricator for over 20 years. I have seen a few but $10 an hour just doesn't begin to cut it.

2) A home. A rental while we look for a place to buy. Ideally it would be under $1500 a month, 2 beds, a garage and a yard to grow food in that will allow my cat.

3) A place to build our farmstead. Preferably over 2 acres with or without a home. Possibly a renewable 99 year lease

If you have any actionable info for either item please PM or email me.

Thank you,
8 years ago
I like the categories in the Building forum but there's no place for gadgets and tools and tinkering.

For instance... for months I have been trying to find help online to build a Coolbot clone with slightly different controls for my specific needs. I posted on over 10 forums related to Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I have yet to get a single comment.

So... I decided to buy a Pi 3 Model B, power supply, case, sensors, a resistor and led display and learn to program python myself.

I am currently learning on AskPython.com and CodeCademy.com and loving it. Who knows how many weeks, months or years away from making my own controller but I am doing it.

I also wish to share this with people but there's not a good spot to post things like this. Being a welder/fabricator my whole life I am also building a lot of tools from scrap, salvage and junk that rival my expensive shop equipment. To me this is vital information others could use.

So to make a long story short....

Please add Gizmos, Tools or Gadgets to the Building forum.

Thank you,
Thanks Dave !

If this stuff is all its cracked up to be then the price tag is worth it for the claimed longevity. The part that tosses the red flags for me is if this stuff is so bomb digitty and has been in production for several decades, why are so few folks using it or talking about it?

Thanks for the reply.
8 years ago
Looking around the web for information on Solawrap by actual consumers has yielded almost nothing. Everything I see is from companies selling it. I even noticed reviews in certain spots with the same names as a couple suppliers. After sending emails to every distributor listed on the Solawrap site only Jonnys Select Seeds got back to me.

Even though they were listed as a distributor they dont currently sell it. In the reply I got they said they were currently trialing it on a few of their farms and would offer it next year (2017).

I would really like to believe in this product but I just cant find enough consumer feedback to support the financial commitment.

Does anyone have anymore first hand experience with this stuff beyond the above replies?

Thank you,
8 years ago