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Wow really inclusive project and design here. Great photos thanks for sharing, I checked out your website and ended up clicking on your contact us page map. After scrolling out many times on the google earth setting, your site is easily the greenest in your town. Nice work, your area is going to benefit a ton from your hard work.
4 years ago
Good advice thanks Alder, I have read many of your excellent posts as I search the forums for Atlanta and Georgia as keywords.
People seem to like to email me more than reply on here, I am getting back to your emails as soon as I can. This forum has really jump started a conversation in my email with a few folks, hopefully something really great pans out.
4 years ago
thanks for posting and yes the struggle is real. Im going to just keep plugging along telling everyone i meet my dreams. Never know when the right person will come wanting to dive in head first with me.
I checked your wwoof post out too, and if I was in your area Id have def contacted you. Sounds like you really have a cool space to share.
good luck to you on your search!
4 years ago
I'm still VERY interested in finding a partner for this forest, just bumping this thread. I have so far only given tours to a bunch of different people who are secretly just trying to visit a permaculture site haha. Really dont have time for tours yet and as most who have visited these woods can tell you its a hell of a lot more nature swallowing any of my efforts than me doing anything significant. This has mostly been because the first year of being a stay at home dad can be a big learning curve or it was for me. I'm to the point where I can be back to spending 20 hours in the forest (albeit 8 of those hours will be parenting) and really want you to be there with me. Whats in it for you? Anything from a permanent piece of land parceled out (this would obviously have to be negotiated and worked towards) to just time sharing work on a few hogs or something entirely different. Lets make some food together at the very least. My first post has changed a little to what I can provide and what is ok and not ok just cant figure out how to edit it, If I could I would erase my email address for sure if any kind moderator reads this. Purple message me or reply to this post if you want to partner up, if you want a tour or to just volunteer stay posted, soon. Any tips on how to get a decent partner would also be super helpful.
When I google "wwoof atlanta" this post is in the top 3, thanks for that!
4 years ago
Hey folks,
On the 15th at 7ish the Georgia Perennial Association has an open to the public speaker, topic is Epimediums. I haven't played with these plants before but a shade loving, evergreen, deer resistant ground cover that flowers? Yes please haha. Anyways if anybody wants to meet up in the gardens for a bit before the speaker at 730 im down.
Info about the speaker:

March 15, 2016
McElreath Hall
Atlanta History Center

Karen Perkins
Garden Visions Epimediums, Templeton, Massachusetts

Epimediums — Jewels of the Shade

Known by many as a simple ground cover for dry woodland shade, Epimediums are finally getting the appreciation that they deserve. This "perfect shade perennial" possesses a delicate beauty that belies its surprisingly tough, long-lasting nature. Karen will illustrate the many and varied types now commercially available, including some of the exciting new evergreen species from China. Characteristics, growth habit, growing and propagation, pests and diseases, and combining Epimediums with other shade perennials in the garden will also be addressed. We will even get a glimpse into the collecting trips to China made by Darrell Probst.

Karen graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture and from the University of Delaware with a Master of Science in Public Garden Management. She has worked/interned at several botanic gardens including the Cornell Plantations, Longwood Gardens, the Arboretum at Flagstaff, Royal Botanic Gardens - Kew, England and Royal Botanic Gardens - Edinburgh, Scotland. She served in the Education Department of the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA for 17 years. Karen is currently the owner of Garden Visions Epimediums, a Massachusetts-based mail order nursery offering over 170 species and varieties of epimediums along with other choice companion shade perennials.
4 years ago
Hello all,
My annual garden is in west end and have a small forest i look after in ben hill neighborhood that i try to use some permaculture principles. Not sure if Im allowed to say that as im not licensed or anything haha. Im eager to meet folks who like to grow food, I like to make cuttings every spring perhaps you have some easily propagated plants you'd let me take a snip off of this may or june? I have a bunch of last years stuff in pots i could trade or seeds in exchange for a few cuttings. Maybe we could get together and swap a few 'mater starts this spring or something. Im also available for a light group gardening project if anyone needs a hand for an hour, thats about as long as my baby lets me garden. Things I have for trade right now strawberry plants, walking onions, figs, mulberries, pomegranate, nopales, serviceberries, and some bamboos rooted in pots and dormant. Probably other stuff too. Anyway im keen on diversifying whats in my woods and home so lmk if we can butter each others bread, or if anybody wants help on something.
4 years ago

I have been busy since my last post and have put in another 12 fruit trees and many more blueberrys. I've been building tilth and working hard, the forest is eagerly budding and things are awake, its very exciting. Im also becoming more anxious to find friends for this space and have yet to have a repeat visit or correspondence that led to any partners. I have gotten four emails and have met up with a couple people and for one reason or another it didn't work out and thought it would be a good idea to put more info here which Ive already addressed with some of these folks. If you do reply please post your reply here instead of my email so as to help answer questions about the space to future potential operators and to bump this post.

One didn't work out because you can't park an RV on the property simply because there is no road access. You have to either wade a mild stream or park at a public park and walk in, neither of which is going to work for an RV. I primitive camped for a year and still do on occasion so thats def ok. My home does not have a driveway and I park on the street so I cant help you there either. Seemed like cool people.

One correspondence didnt work (i think) because Im unable to hire anyone at this time and for a year at least wont be able to. This is a forest that needs partners and not employees so you need to be somewhat established and have something to pay the bills. They were also super cool and maybe will get back to me when they are more situated.

I had a couple people that just havent gotten back to me and seemed interested I dont know.

Almost everyone has mentioned how they are more interested in joining an established 10+ year profitable outfit, in which I imagine those are few and far between round here. I would like to reiterate how young my work here is. I have only purchased the property 1.5 years ago, and most perennial systems aren't going to be that amazing by then. It took me 6 months to even see most of the property due to the overgrowth. Most of my human grade food trees are slightly older than a sapling, only about 30 of my fruit trees will be 5 by this time next year and will hopefully give a small crop then. Being that the forest is in Atlantas city limits one or two of you 500,000 eligible people would like to have a place to grow stuff with me, work out a business plan or maybe you just want to keep the hummingbird feeders full. Really looking forward to hearing from you, thanks for reading.

5 years ago
About the land:
5.4 acres of mostly old field pines, sweetgum and muscadine vines but there is also the occasional horsenut and other random wildlife tree. Its shaped very long and narrow, imagine 5 football fields from end to end. It is mildy east facing with about every 100 feet you go up 10 feet. There is more woods to the north, a year round urban stream eastern border, an unfenced public park on south edge and train tracks for a western border. Its a few different topsoil mixtures and 3-9 inches down is heavy clay, there are almost no rocks at all. I have planted 50 hazlenuts, 12 apples, 3 pomegranates, 2 serviceberry, 2 elderberry, 6 plums, 4 pears, 5 fig, 2 pecan, and 4 cherry tree varieties. 50 blueberry, 1 goji, 4 thornless blackberry, 30 raspberry, 50 strawberry. There are 3 large beds of asparagus. 20 chickens get moved around in electric netting and clover and daikon gets broadcast and does well everywhere. There are multiple unburied 6 ft tall 100 ft long wood piles that Ive been stacking across contour. It gets about 50 inches of rain a year with 10 mph breezes in mostly the afternoon. It is accessible by public transportation and is off the cascade exit just out of perimeter.
About me:
Im a married 34 year old male that has his first child on the way. I just spent the last 13 months living in this small forest alone and only left it for a few minutes every couple of days, so I am very intimate with what goes on there and how the weather works etc. I just purchased a house that I am currently renovating in historic West End and plan on turning it into a B&B and provide breakfast from the forest. I am striving to grow as much food as possible for my family with long term goals of making a few bucks too. Right now I am only spending 20 hours a week in the forest and will become the stay at home/forest dad soon so this is probably all the time I can throw at it for awhile. I also would need to sometimes not go there for a day or two so thats where its handy knowing you.
Who you are:
You ideally are established enough to be independent and already reside in Atlanta. You want to be able to leave the concrete and be in a forested private property within minutes where you can enjoy nature and growing food. You plan on spending time there working hard, you enjoy making trails and helping with newly acquired fencing. You would like to go in on some dairy goats or something. You dont need paid to be there you want to be there because you get food and urban wilderness. If you want to make money like me perhaps we could come up with a business plan, or your more interested in sharing work where it makes sense but doing your own market thing. Your definetly not a dick, or a drifter. Your cool with not smoking tobacco and other basic organic guidelines.
You could also be someone else.
Id love to hear from anyone interested in learning with me and doing our best to keep the land happy and our bellys full. Send me an email or talk to me on here thanks.

5 years ago
It looks like a pipevine swallowtail to me.
6 years ago
Any friendly bets on the last frost in Ga for 2014? I'm going with 2/1 just to be optimistic. (Atlanta area)
6 years ago