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Hello Jordan,

The video is very nice! The garden looks amazing, and I love seeing/reading about people who find ways to get small amounts of land to flourish and balance with nature.

I do have to say tho', that as someone who was miserable until he made the transition to city life, I did find the anti-urban parts of the video kind of off-putting. Maybe I'm unrealistic, but I believe that urban live doesn't have to be all concrete and my dream is to do what the subject of your video does on smaller scales, and get people to turn tiny little public spaces into sanctuaries for birds and fruiting plants.

Do keep up the good work!
4 years ago
Texas? No, I said *inside* the USA.

Okay, so I know there's plenty of desert there, but is it a good candidate for foresting? Are there native trees that can survive there if just given a boost? Will they find water if they send their taproot down far enough?
5 years ago
In particular, I was thinking of using Grow Boxes to help plant them in the desert. http://www.groasis.com/en

Goal: capture carbon, provide more biomass to areas lacking it, inject some homes for creatures what might want them, slow the rate of climate change.

I'm based out of Boston, and, honestly, there's nowhere near me to plant trees anyway, but I just wonder if this is something of a manpower issue that I could help solve.
5 years ago
I don't know when I realized it, but for a long time now I've been troubled by the design of refrigerators.

So you've basically got a pump for moving heat from inside an insulated box to somewhere outside of it. Pretty simple concept. So why is the motor for this doohickey *underneath* the insulated box, where the heat from its operation will rise up into the insulation? Why are the cooling elements on the back of the box in a specially made closet where they get so little airflow? And why is that done indoors?

My question to you, good Permies, is this:

Why aren't modern refrigerators basically insulated closets? The insulation will last your lifetime. The gaskets might occasionally need replacing. The appearance could perfectly match the interior of your home. If you lived outside of the tropics, you could mount the entire mechanics of it on the outside of the wall, outside the house! Then, for half the year, the only real cost is moving the coolant, and nature takes care of the cooling itself. And if the mechanics break, you just replace them, no need to replace the whole insulated box!

I have to believe this would be much better for the environment, and for energy needs.

So how come I've never seen one like this?
5 years ago

I rather like the idea. I know I've seen it posted here that the best way to split wood is to let the axe fall to one side, but it looks like the Finns have taken it a step further and designed an axe specifically for that purpose. It only penetrates the wood a little bit, and then all the rest of the momentum is turned sideways to push apart the two pieces.

It seems a very simple design that might save a bit of work. (Although from the videos on Youtube their claim that it never gets stuck in the wood isn't 100% accurate)

Just thought I'd share.
6 years ago
Yes to both. I am in Boston, and I'd like to pay to have the beans shipped to me. (not sure what that entails yet... customs, inspection, etc.)
6 years ago
Hi all.

Sorry if this is too far off topic.

I, and a few of my friends, are looking to get our hands on some cocoa beans on a semi-regular basis. We do not want to go through the giant conglomerate middle-men. We would *much* prefer to pay the farmers directly. Especially little farmers operating very close to the land.

I know many of you have an awareness of farming practices outside of your own home, and so I was wondering if you know of a way to make this happen, or, even better, a specific farmer I can contact from whom to buy beans.


6 years ago
I saw this and immediately thought of you folks.


A swimming pool made to incorporate nature and provide both a habitat and a place to cool off in the summer. Seems pretty spiffy to me.
6 years ago
Nice thread! I've been wanting to make kimchee for some time now, but haven't gotten around to it.

I did just learn how to make some delicious kimchee jige tho'! (store bought kimchee is not the same)
7 years ago

I've been reading about all the RM Stoves and Heaters and I'm really curious in particular about an aspect I haven't seen anywhere here: exhaust CO2.

The heat is mostly bled into the dense mass around the exhaust pipe, so that the final exhaust is typically barely above ambient temperature. It is still heavy on the CO2, however, being combustion exhaust.

But as it's not at 451ยบ, it seems to me that this would be a lovely thing to give to, say, garden plants. I was wondering if anyone had thought about, or perhaps even given a try to feeding RMS exhaust into a greenhouse to see if it aids in plant growth (and sequesters more carbon)
7 years ago