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since Apr 17, 2013
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Recent posts by Upgeya Pew

Liv, will we be meeting outside?
2 months ago
I'm in Liv.  Pandemic precautions?
-- Upgeya
2 months ago
If electrification is to be a solution, then iron/salt flow batteries would work far better than conventional batteries:

The charge is held in liquid solution.
The solution can be pre-charged on land, and then pumped into the ship's tanks. When exhausted at end of voyage, the discharged solution can be pumped back to charging facilities on land.
Iron/salt flow batteries, like those of ESS (https://essinc.com/), use benign abundant cheap ingredients.  Materials are easily recyclable.
Flow batteries easily scale.  Want more capacity?  Add more tanks.

-- Upgeya
9 months ago
Hi Dan
 Are your designs similar to the Integrated energy self-served animal and plant complementary ecosystem in China?
 Or are they more like the underground heat exchange solar greenhouse described here?

or have you combined the two approaches?
And have you considered combining either or both of these approaches with the climate battery ("thermal banking") approach that places insulation and water barrier around the foundation and outskirts of a greenhouse allowing a seasonal storage and release of heat from the dry ground underneath the greenhouse? As in:

https://groundswellnetwork.ca/community-greenhouse/  or see
1 year ago
I flake it with a 3rd party attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer (not made by Kitchen Aid). Then I ferment it for about a week, save some of the ferment water, and cook it up. It produces a porridge that I swear tastes a little like Roquefort cheese. Originally the inoculant was from my sauerkraut, but now it is a serial ferment, where I save some of the last batch of ferment water (in the refrigerator) and use it in the next ferment.  
2 years ago
No need to sew, if that's not one of your skills.  Check out this video, in which Jeremy Howard explains why my mask protects you and your mask protects me, and how to make a mask from a t-shirt and paper towel, using a sizzors:

Check out this inspiring video and the file of links to understand why the universal use of masks is very effective, and has the possibility of flattening the curve while allowing some degree of economic activity:

2 years ago
My favorite hat is the Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero: waterproof, breathable, adjustable, comfortable, long-lasting, waddable. Good for almost all conditions except aggressive winds.  Its wide brim protects the ears and the back of the neck, and fhe face from direct sun. Among other places, available from REI.
4 years ago

Devaka Cooray wrote:I just did something behind the server, which should fix things for everyone who couldn't get access to their stuff.
This includes, Steve, Upgeya, Rose, and Lisa, (et al) - guys, you should be able to access your stuff now. Please check.

Thanks, Devaka!  I received another e-mail from gir bot aka you, and can now access the notes!

paul wheaton wrote:

Upgeya Pew wrote: I've seen no e-mail about the Hugelkultur Micro Documentary noted in Kickstarter Project Update #11.

I just looked up this one.  Our records show that you do have access.  Are you able to access it?


Yes, Paul - given this link, I'm able to access the Hugelkultur Micro Doc.   Still no access to the PDC teacher notes.  Wants me to pay $$.
I'm having the same difficulty as Steve Stanek, for the Design Course Teacher's notes only.  Since receiving the e-mail on 6/1 (to my Kickstarter registered e-mail address), I've merged my e-mail addresses as instructed, but still no access as of today, with the link provided in that e-mail.  Subsequently, today I received the ATC candy email to my permies.com primary log-in e-mail (not the Kickstarter one), and that link works to download the candy.  Also, I've seen no e-mail about the Hugelkultur Micro Documentary noted in Kickstarter Project Update #11.