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Hi Kinch ~
Did you make it back to Florida?
Husband and I are looking for FL land and thinking a yurt would be a low impact way to live for awhile.
Did you visit the N. Carolina yurt maker?
I was thinking of doing that, since we live in TN now, and they are the closest manufacturer to FL, as far as I know.
Happy summer day!
6 years ago
Hey Alder, Andi, Joe, and Miles ~ Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am going to follow up on your ideas. Will reconvene over in the fungi forum as suggested.
7 years ago
Thanks Dave for the thoughtful reply. and I'll follow up on the references.
I appreciate the support for being patient for the more ideal half/half property to open up.
Resonate with the conviction about not wanting to clear forest to start a forest garden.
It might happen that we find half/half land that has a house trailer on it...
We can beautify the world twice, one by recycling the trailer into beer cans (a la Jimmy Buffet) and two by creating a regenerative homestead retreat for y'all to visit.

7 years ago
Hi Dave and all ~
We are looking for about 10ac in north central FL: southern Columbia County, near High Springs.
Want to create a permaculture yoga retreat using forest garden principles.
We were thinking part cleared/part forested is ideal.
Cleared land is not as readily available as wooded land. Many sites are planted in pines.
We'd like to get the land livable and productive as quickly and affordably as possible, of course.
What more do we need to consider? Hold out for the cleared land which costs more and could take awhile? or go with wooded (planted pines or second growth) which costs less and more available?

Thank you for your input.

7 years ago
Does anyone have experience growing mushrooms in N Central Florida?
We are looking to relocate in southern Columbia County, near High Springs and Gainesville.
Creating a permie homestead and hopefully commercial mushroom growing.
We've met the SE Mushroom people at farmers markets in the area. Love their dried shiitakes. They've got that market cornered.
Thanks for input.

ps: I would love to win the Dave Jacke book in this week's giveaway. Great stuff!
7 years ago
Aloha Matt ~ I am from Oregon, but now live in TN via Maui.
My friend Amara from Eugene moved to the Big Island and is part of the community at
I've wanted to visit for years now, but haven't made it.
I understand the ocean is a bit rough down mountain from their place, but there are natural hot pools to soak in.

On Kauai, another friend Tara from Oregon, is married to mushroom farmer Philly White. I hope to tour their facility some day. She teaches awesome yoga classes in Hanalei.

Have a wonderful time!
7 years ago