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Yes that would be a perfect place for you to post your generator as many of the folks there live remotely and are in need of products like generators. I am also interested as I am looking for a whole house back up generator. When you post I'll review it and let you know if I'm interested. We have a diesel genny at our Yaak place but need one for our new home in Kalispell. We have Natural Gas but I can convert the Kohler, in fact I am a Kohler dealer and have sold a few of what your offering. They are nice units.

You may also want to post it here as this site receives a ton of traffic and many folks here are also off grid and need a good genny for a fair price.

5 years ago

I'd go to Obadiah's Woodstoves Cookstove Community where you can post the Sweetheart for free. This site is dedicated to just wood Cookstoves and those who use them day in and day out. Cookstove Community
There is a forum there where you can post Cookstoves for sale.
Wood Cookstoves For Sale

Here is a video that will help folks know more about the Sweetheart, as it was made on its sister the Heartland Oval, the main difference is the Sweetheart has a smaller firebox. Heartland/Elmira Wood Cookstoves

To help folks understand how much a new one costs, I have posted the price for you and a link to our website.

Item Price
2603 Heartland Sweetheart Wood Cookstove with Water Reservoir** $5,979
Coal / Wood Grate $280
Fresh Air Kit $88
Rear Heat Shield $270
Stainless Steel Water Jacket $270
Firebrick Kit $220

Heartland Sweetheart Product Description New
5 years ago

Jason Stewart wrote:Lenny an interesting response for me to consider.

There are generally two types of question I receive about my product. The first is would The IntensiFire work well in my stove? To which my response is usually a repeat of the laboratory report commented on earlier in this thread, an increase in the heat delivered into your house from every piece of wood you put in your fire from around 50% to about 75%. If they haven't sent me the make and model (which isn't necessarily determinative) I then ask for photographs or drawings, particularly of the inside around the flue exit area.

The second and very common query I get asks "I can't see any information on how it fits to my stove". With the three winters I have been selling these for in New Zealand my interpretation of this question is "I can't see how I can build one for myself". It also contains the presumption that the questioner has the ability to both understand my technology to successfully duplicate it and to know it is possible to convert their stove. I find this type of person usually wastes my time in email exchanges that have even gone to the extreme of some people asking me for plans or they won't buy it! It is actually very simple and thus easy to copy, but not easy to copy it right. I don't want lots of bad copies giving the technology a bad reputation, which has actually happened to me here in New Zealand in a small way.

The question to you Lenny is why wouldn't you want your stove to be 50% more efficient? Some further questions. How old is your stove, or how long has it been inefficient and polluting? How long will your stove last? And do you intend to continue to let it be polluting and inefficient for the rest of its life?

The difficulty I face as the inventor is actually making this affordable but at the same time making it fit the many different models of stove out there. I realised three years ago when I invented this technology its significance that other people would want it. I have continued, unpaid and in debt to date, to solve the problems associated with it while at the same time fighting people that would take of my time and effort for free.

The other question is do you want me to continue to develop this technology towards what at this points seems revolutionary in terms of emissions? Most electricity doesn't even come without an environmental cost so the only sustainable fuel better than zero emission wood is passive solar. Well that I can think of right now. I can't do this unpaid forever.

Yes the technology will fit your stove Lenny but it isn't an off the shelf solution. If you are interested then please PM me some drawings of the internal dimension of the internal structure of the stove. There will have to be custom made components and I have to work out the best way to have these made for you.

BTW I am only just back in New Zealand to finally find out that the challenge of making the Wood Stove Design Challenge pushed me beyond my ability to cope. I didn't realise it but I contracted pneumonia half way through the competition and still have it. Looking forward to some R&R to recover.

PS. There was also a later correction on the rankings. IntensiFire placed 2nd= for affordability and 3rd for innovation.

Greetings folks,
It has been a while since anyone has posted here about the Intensifier. There were lots of questions about this technology. Jason was a bit overwhelmed at the responses he received and how to proceed. He began looking to partner with someone in North America to move this technology forward that he felt he could work with and would properly protect his interests. Obadiah's Woodstoves and Jason Stewart have joined forces to achieve that goal. We have been working together since last winter on this project and is all continues to go well, will have the ability to provide the Intensifier technology to North America in about a year. We are working hard on our Prototypes and various products that we plan to product that incorporate the Intensifier Technology. There is a lot of logistics involved in introducing any solid fueled appliances these days with EPA and UL certifications and testing, it gets very expensive quickly. This is probably the main reason the Rocket Mass Stove technology took the path it did.
5 years ago
Here are some pictures of my latest project a Passive Solar Room Addition that will convert our home into a passive solar design.
This all started as an attached Greenhouse project and has morphed into my new office. I love the feeling inside the new addition as I require a lot of sunny vitamin D. I'm a outdoorsy type and hate being cooped up in an office all day during stove season. Havig an office over looking the river and valley, with 5' windows making it feel as though your outside should help with my Cabin Fever. Winters are long and cold up here in 'The Yaak'. But I love this place, so here I'll stay.
So you analyze your environmental, you adapt to that environment, instead of overcoming it as I was taught, you live in Harmony with it as much as possible.

A dozen or so years ago we left Michigan where I was a contractor and worked in the Automotive Display Industry, (Auto Shows around the world)
I was a kid in a candy factory and worked with some of the finest craftsmen in the world and built stuff you could only imagine, only to use it a year and then warehouse it. There are warehouses all over the country filled with displays that cost a fortune to build and are only used for a season and stored and forgotten. I worked with Chevy Creative Services for a season in my life, they have a budget to build this stuff larger than most countries GNPs.
As my family grew older I saw how consumerism had grabbed us around the throat and stuck us on a treadmill to no where.

First chance I got I bailed, I left the police state that is called Michigan and headed West while I was still a young man. We raised our family and now my wife and I are empty nesters trying to adjust to the silence. That is why God created Grand Children.
My city self and city family found ourselves in a place called "The Yaak" and never looked back. It has been a journey that bought us closer together as a family. We got rid of the microwave, the TV, just about everything but our computers and lived totally off grid. No more running to the store down the street for a whatever. We learned to plan and live on less, far less. We experimented with Solar, Wind and Hydro, we planted a garden, we worked hard and played even harder.
We became part of a community that is essentially a 100 yrs behind the times. The folks here are more like extended family. We lived in a neighborhood in Michigan for 14 yrs and did not know most folks that lived a few door down.

Today we are working online from our Homestead in The Yaak, providing wood stoves, cook stoves, fireplaces and biomass boilers when the temps drop. In the summer I'm outside, working on more projects, sailing Flathead Lake, or fighting wildfires somewhere.
Our youngest is in Missoula attending University, our oldest is married and busy building their family and business.
I have posted over 250 how to videos on my various projects over the past couple of years when it became possible to actually upload videos from remote locations.
I have lots of 8mm videos of other projects I have done over the past 30 years, before digital media took over, but transferring that footage to a MP4 so it can be uploaded is more time and effort than I can invest, perhaps future technology will make that an easier task where at some point we could take a look in the archives to see what else would be helpful for folks.

On my channel you'll find all kinds of info on wood cookstoves, chimney systems, wildfire suppression equipment, poor-man's wood-fired boiler, redwood hot tub and sauna installation, keeping the snow from knocking over your chimney in the winter videos, as well as the ongoing Solar Room Addition Project.
I'll be adding more videos about sailboats, sailing on Flathead Lake, Hobie Cat sailing, firefighting, saunas, alternative energy, boilers, radiant heating, hydronic heating, solar convection generators, alternative energy from Solar, Thermoelectric, Stirling Engines, and anything else I think folks my get a kick from.
Hey I live in the Yaak, not much to do in the winter but upload all the videos I take when its warmer outside.
Hope this helps inspire someone else, enjoy!
7 years ago
Greetings. I am currently building a Passive Solar Room Greenhouse Addition which will convert our home into a Passive Solar Home and provide fee heat on sunny winter days, yet stays cool in the summer.
I will be posting about a hundred You Tubes on how to do this step by step. https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodyChain
Here are some pictures that will give you some idea of what were doing.
I have learned that attaching a greenhouse to a living space and actually growing food on a scale large enough to feed a family, can become a problem with fungus and things invading the living space, so this will be my new office and our solar greenhouse will be further away from the house and wont be attached.
Build the solar room as a free standing structure instead of a lean to, is quick and easy with this design, yet will handle a huge snow load, like we receive up here in "The Yaak", MT.
I hope this helps.

7 years ago
Greetings folks, finally had some extra time to come visit and meet some folks.
This my first post, had some technical difficulties getting registered.

Not sure if this will help anyone, but here is a "Passive Heating Project" I have been working on building and sharing what I have learned along the way.
Our home is a conventional framed home with a perfect Southern Exposure, just crying out to take advantage of the setting.
I have had a dozen or so years to think this through....let me know your thoughts?

A Post and Beam Passive Solar Room Addition designed for extreme climates, hot or cold.
Most Passive Heating designs suffer in the summer as they overheat, in the winter when its cloudy, they are hard to heat.
So I came up with this design and made it easy to build. The roof and structure are super insulated, in the winter when the sun is low in the sky, the heat gain is enough to not only heat the room but also the home.
In the summer the room shades the southern side of the home, proper ventilation and shading should keep the room cool.

Were still under construction and have a way to go yet, but I have posted enough videos on You Tube to give most folks the general idea.
Although we never saw minus zero often this winter, so far so good. I am very happy with the results.
We have managed to convert our ordinary stick framed home into one that utilizes the solar exposure for free heat.
The view out the windows is so nice I have decided to make this my new office.

The design allows two sides to be assembled together to make a free standing solar room greenhouse. I hope to build that next year after I finish what I have started here.
This all started as a place to grow some non GMO Pesticide free food. But our Book Keeper has had a greenhouse for 20 yrs talked me out of it.
My wife is chemically sensitive and has asthma, too much chance of a mold or mildew problem transferring from the growing area to the home, let alone the millions of bugs.
Pesticides are not an option, so we'll build the passive solar greenhouse in a more suitable location away from the house.

Hope these Tubes are helpful to anyone contemplating doing something similar.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/user/WoodyChain/videos?query=Greenhouse[/youtube]
7 years ago