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I've tinkered around a little bit and found this bread recipe to be tasty with a nice whole grain like texture and affordable, much more affordable than the almond bread. However I find ghee/butter and golden flax seeds to render the best results. Also I used the mini oven instead of the microwave.
Be warned though, it's addicting.
4 years ago
Just 5 days ago I transitioned from a high protein high fat low carb paleo diet to a high fat low protein low carb paleo diet so I'm currently running on more ketones than before.
I didn't realize I was eating too much protein until I did some research which lead me to start counting my calories. And when I became more meticulous with my calorie intake I noticed more sustained energy without crashing afterwards. I no longer need stimulants (green tea etc) as I did when I was doing high protein, the reason behind this is half of all protein is converted into glucose (which is another word for carbs), so if you consume too much protein you're body may not be making any or enough ketones because it's getting the energy from the glucose.
Anyways I'm also more mentally sharp and relaxed than before and I can go a whole day eating only once without feeling any hunger. This diet is super affordable and I've never felt better. It's a keeper.
4 years ago
Really cool plant resource; I applaud you, just found your site through a google search for the search term "permaculture encyclopedia", your link through this site was third on the list of the results.
You ask how to spread the word, well i'm an online marketer and here are a few of my most effective tips.
I recommend you use other forums and sites (youtube, blogger, wordpress, squidoo, hubpages etc) that allow you to create your own content on, the more popular the website, the better results you will get and quicker as well.
If I were you I would do videos on youtube and in each video I would get very specific with whatever topic you choose to speak about, obviously the more detailed the better, keep your vids short so it's easy to follow and concise. The shorter the video generally speaking, the more videos you can make because it will be easier for you to produce and also because more people will find you on google or youtube (via the relativity of your title and description words) as opposed to making one long video which could be broken down into 100, catch my drift?

I hope you do great things with this site,

Keep fighting the good fight.

5 years ago
I appreciate the response and the offer however the low amazon is too hot for my taste. I've already lived in iquitos for 3 months and it was just unbearably hot. I am actually thinking about going to the central selva in the high jungle around oxapampa their is a non profit that is promoting organic agriculture as well as reforestation and eco tourism, they work with orphans, single mothers and people living in poverty in and around the community and they need volunteers to help expand and better their service. I'm looking to voluteer at a place that would also like to help out this non profit. They own 700 hectares and it is located right next to one of peru's largest and most protected park reserves, Yanachaga Chemillen.

I hear Tarapoto is known for their coconuts, at what elevation will your land be located?

I will pm you my email so we can stay in contact I have a couple permaculture resources for networking purposes.
I'm looking to volunteer at a Peruvian Permaculture institution for free, does anybody know any resources?
I am a Peruvian Canadian and I am preparing myself for the high jungle amazon of central Peru. I will be joining forces with a non profit orphanage/lodge and I would like to introduce basic principles of permaculture to hopefully spread the much needed knowledge across the uneducated amazonian communities. I need a good start up guide for permaculture. Anybody have resources?
6 years ago