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I salute this summary, thank You all involved!
Hi Dave!

Consider the meaning of "rule" is also to "measure" - this be the profound meaning of Sanskrit root-sound "Ma",
and with the working fusion of expert permaculture and network computing - practical.

Very much psyched for taking a part in this:
7 years ago


I have a keen interest in Your work with the social end of things, as per a "1000 farm vision".

Here is my proposal:
* before You formalize agreements specific to Your farm, how about establishing a perpetuity of process to act as authority over any disagreements?

I have some ideas of how this would work that I think are in line with Your philosophy (of a single long-time "boss" for each farm):
* volunteer, eventually elect 20 people every year, later three months, to act as the authority in case of conflict. Begin with only five.
* "official: statements are kept from parties, including a statement on behalf of the "Sugar Group" authority, private access for stake holders and project participants
* anyone can vote "yes, this system is a great idea for the whole planet!" - but we begin only in North America, eventually promoting Your "1000 farm vision"?

I hope people can appreciate the value of going through such a process:
* anyone would sleep better with living security and associated finance agreed upon within such an appeal system
* I actually warn anyone against the psychological dangers of unbridled community living (deep philosophical point with horse metaphor)
* a symbolic level of permaculture non-action to popularize with internet-democracy advocates (the work of "Sugar Group" is only to address conflict, there may be off-shoots)

Anyone think this is a good idea?

7 years ago
Hello Dave!

Taking Your course in 2006 was the best thing I did that Year.

I am working towards a thorough study of area east of Algonquin Park,
20-year commitment integrating a financial mechanism with capitalist business,
based on a piece of logic set to revolutionize what it means to compute.

I have much to learn from the Apios website,
look forward to reading the discussion here.

My interest is in coordinating a study for the North-East, as content for the mechanism,
towards a world-wide, economically integrated production - and local printing of a Permaculture Almanac everywhere.

My focus for now is technical development, it is kind of unbelievable what I have built.

7 years ago