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Recent posts by Kris schulenburg

Gulf Coast Native sheep are supposed to have good feet and good tolerance to Barber Pole worm but I don’t have any personal experience with them. My Icelandic’s have good feet but not good tolerance to worms.
But I think the most important thing is keeping their feet trimmed especially if it’s wet. When there feet get overgrown muck gets caught in their feet and causes problems. Trimming every 2 months is probably good enough. And a dry place to hang out helps too.
Good luck with your sheep adventure.
Your lambs are so cute and look very healthy. The ewe is gorgeous is she a Shetland?
Mine are Icelandic x East Freisian / Lacoun.
A ram and a ewe!
Hopefully you will see a water bubble come out and then a nose and two front hooves. Or two back hooves pads up. Sheep 201 has a good description of the birthing process (I would imagine goats are similar to sheep) Good luck!
Another wet felted hat. Lamb wool on the inside and Icelandic ram wool on the outside. So hopefully it isn’t scratchy.
1 month ago
Drum carding would give you nice long strips and be faster. I’m sure you could make make hand carders work and build up your arm muscles.
Great video. Thanks!
1 month ago
I would guess there are already black walnuts (a maple and poplar) growing on your place. They are not the easiest nuts to use but grow wild with no assistance other than to protect them from grazing animals when they are small. My sheep have not gone after the bark of walnuts yet.
I would take a good inventory of what is already there and leave what is useful to you. Assuming you don’t have unlimited time and money. Spend your time and money are better spent planning what you don’t have and nurturing what is already growing that is useful to you.
Goats and horses love bark (don’t know about cows) and are very damaging to trees.
Ginseng may be there to. I have found it in open shade areas with no competition.
Good luck on your new adventure.
1 month ago

Wow! That must be a lot of work. I have only known one person in real life to keep dairy sheep. I think the variety was Fresians, they were also good for their wool. Do you keep your sheep for dual purposes or only milk? Do you mind my asking why sheep and not goats?
I am recently learning to do things with their wool which is an awesome adventure.
I got the sheep because my husband wouldn’t let me have a cow. Lol. Sheep’s milk has about 2x the solids of goat or cows milk so you get about 2lbs of cheese per gallon instead of one. It also freezes well and will still make cheese after being frozen. Also sheep are supposed to be easier to keep contained than goats. My sheep are Icelandic x Freisian.
1 month ago
I got my own dairy Sheep. It was scary at first because of all the bad information out there. Was never a milk drinker until I got the sheep. Raw milk is delicious as are all the foods you can make with it. The most noticeable thing was clearing up digestive issues and joints feeling better.
Great excuse to have sheep but it is a lot of work, time and expense.
1 month ago